Callisto Network starts its long waited promotion campaign, Starting with chance to win 10k $CLO and CLO swag

By Spigfish | Todayincrypto | 11 Sep 2019

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Callisto Network has been working with Smart contract auditing for more then 1 year now. 
Over 300 contracts has been audited and secured by the audit team. 

56.4% of all CLO is locked in the Cold staking smart contract giving 1.6% reward every 27 days for all stakers. 

Now Callisto has started its focus on promotion! The bullrun seems to be upon us and now is the time to get the name out there. 

Following @Callistosupport on twitter , re-tweeting and liking the posts from the team puts you in the contest. 
Winners will be announced on Monday


If you want to get a Callisto winter collection T-shirt you can also join the telegram where the contest for 10 shirts will be held! 

Good luck everyone! :) 


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