Argentine Peso dumping. -25% against the USD in one day. What is next?

By Spigfish | Todayincrypto | 1 week ago

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Argentina is leading the way of the upcoming global currency crisis.
-25% in 1 day makes a record of dumps since a while back for currencies globally. 
Days before, the 8th of August the National dollar day was celebrated and Deutsche Bank decided to show us the Dollars price journey since 1791.

Source: Twitter

What we can see from the tweet made by the bank is that with the inflation of the dollar, compared to British pound it has lost 2760% of its value.
This simply means that USA has printed out more money then Great britain and with that has lost its value against it during the years. 

We have a exciting time ahead and finding the right hedge against the devaluation of our FIAT currencies is what is going to separate the rich from the poor. 

What are you betting on? Gold , Silver , Bitcoin ?  


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