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1. What Is HoneyGain

HoneyGain is a publicly supported system organization that lets different organizations to assemble data, information knowledge and perform market and business research.

It's accessible to download on Android and Windows, and before long will be accessible for iOS gadgets. The straightforward capacity behind Honeygain is you get paid for sharing your unused web and the more gadgets you have this application introduced on, the more you'll make.

2. Offer Your Internet

You should simply go to Google Play and download the application, or go to Honeygain.com and download the app.

Information researchers utilizes Honeygain's foundation to interface with the web and Honeygain deals with every one of these associations with severe shields to ensure every one of these associations. The information researchers at that point utilize your unused information for their market and examination purposes.

You'll know your application is working when you're utilizing Android, you'll see a little, green warning in the notice bar, while the one on Windows, you simply float over the little honey bee symbol in your notice plate.

Once more, the more gadgets you have this application on, the more cash you'll make.

You can utilize something like 5 gadgets on a solitary system simultaneously, however to have the best income potential, you ought to have 1 gadget for every IP address.

They don't restrain the quantity of gadgets associated with your record however they do recommend spreading them over a few web addresses for adequacy.

3. Approaches To Make Money

There are 2 different ways to bring in cash on HoneyGain.

The first is by introducing the application. At present, there's  an Android and a Windows application.

For instance, in the event that you have an android telephone and a Windows PC as I do, at that point download it on them two for twice the same number of income.

The other method to win cash is by alluding companions.

You can welcome your companions with your own customized connection and 10% of their day by day income will be added to your record. On the off chance that your referral comes to $50 per month you gain an extra $5!

You can share your connection on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or reordering it anyplace.

4. Ensure My Internet

Presently you might be worried about your web securely or individual information.

In the first place, HoneyGain guarantees that the entirety of your own information is sheltered.

They don't keep any information from any of their customers. The main information they'll have is the thing that will be important for the administration. This incorporates your email address, your IP address, how much traffic you make every month and your picked payout strategy.

Besides, HoneyGain has choices set up where you can constrain the amount of your information plan the application can utilize. You can kill the portable information utilization in your Honeygain application settings menu.

Or on the other hand if on Windows – right-click the HoneyGain honey bee symbol and select "quit" to kill the application.

You can expect use of up to 2GB every day, despite the fact that relying upon your system speed, the application can arrive at a limit of 15GB every day.

In case you're utilizing the Android adaptation, HoneyGain suggests that you utilize the Android information utilization warnings.

You shouldn't feel any distinction with our application running out of sight.

HoneyGain states they never utilize over 10% of your accessible system transmission capacity.



5. The amount Can You Earn?

The sum you can make relies upon what number of gadgets you have the application introduced on and how much unused information you have.

You procure credits for each KB of information you get, and subsequent to gathering enough attributes, you can change over them to money.

Honeygain has an online number cruncher to assess your profit. They gauge your inexact income dependent on the hours you have Honeygain ready for action and the more you have it on, the more you win.

They express that in the event that you run Honeygain for 24 hours per day, which is 720 hours per month, you can make $50 per month.

This is a reasonable month to month salary only for letting an application run out of sight.

6. How Do You Get Paid?

As referenced before, you procure credits for each KB of information. The transformation math is 10 credits approaches 1¢ USD. The base payout is $20 USD.

Right now, Honeygain just pays through PayPal. Be that as it may, are dealing with including bank stores and gift voucher choices also.

The payout holding up period will rely upon the installment type you pick. At the present time PayPal installments are normally paid in 24 hours.

Your credits don't terminate as long as you run the application. On the off chance that you turn off the application and become inert, at that point your credits lapse a half year after dormancy.

7. Genuine Data

Presently to give you a few information from my own Android and Windows experience so you can perceive how practical this can be for you.


I'm a negligible Android client, I don't utilize my telephone much at all a few pieces of the month. I downloaded Honeygain on May 8, 2020, and decided not to "share portable information" and this is the manner by which it went:

May 8 – 131.84 MB assembled

May 9 – 246.96 MB assembled

May 10 to May 12 – 0 MB assembled (I was not utilizing the telephone by any means)

May 13 – 103.74 MB assembled.




I've just mutual my connection once on my Facebook page and as of now just have one companion that joined. So that is $5 I will get.

As per HoneyGain that is 52.87 MB accumulated which is 5¢ for only 3 days of social affair. Also the $5 companion referral.

I made $5.05 in 3 days!

7. Experts and Cons Of HoneyGain

We should take a gander at the upsides and downsides of introducing HoneyGain.


Simple to utilize – Download on the entirety of your gadgets and run

Basic Dashboard – Clear and straightforward part dashboard

Simple to Contact – Customer support is anything but difficult to reach with their contact structure

Safe – Strict conventions are set up and no close to home data is utilized.


Eats your Plan – If you're on a constrained information plan, HoneyGain can gobble up that information and cost you.

Battery life – Based on age of your gadget the application utilizes about 5%-8% of battery life every day.

Requires Activity – If you don't utilize your telephone or web a lot, you'll gain less (as you saw from the 3 days of my telephone latency).

Last Thoughts

My own survey on HoneyGain is to feel free to attempt it. I sluggishly made $5.05 in three days. In this way, envision the amount that will be in a month, or in case you're an extremely dynamic telephone client.

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