The 10 best crypto coins to invest in 2019!

The last two years have been extremely hectic for the world of crypto-economics. Many people became interested in Bitcoin after it became world news because of the historic high. Although the euphoria has passed a little, there are still many people interested in investing in crypto-coins.

With 2019 coming and the financial market for digital assets more volatile than ever, you need to look hard at the top altcoins before you invest so you do not end up regretting it in the future.

There are a myriad of digital asset options, there are more than 2000 coins, some serious and with a good purpose, others are just a joke between communities of digital assets and others are a dangerous blow. The number of ICOs has exploded recently, but unfortunately many use outdated technology or have unfeasible ideas for the current market.

Now by the end of 2018, the market has weakened well and many small coins will not survive this fall.

We here in the Bitcoin Guide analyze and gather some of the altcoins that have the best chance of appreciating next year, overcoming the crisis and possibly guaranteeing a profit for investors.

It is worth remembering that investments in crypto-coins are always a risky business. So our list is not about the "going to the moon" coins in 2019, but rather the ones that have a more stable technology, better partners, better ecosystem, and products to make sure they are legally honest and even profitable.

Check out our crypto-coins recommendations for investing in 2019.


1. Bitcoin

Let's begin the list by talking about Bitcoin, the currency with the largest market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap. As everyone knows, this is the great star of crypto-coins and the one responsible for bringing crypto-economics to a more ordinary audience.

Bitcoin is a stable currency and is well worth the investment. However, it currently faces problems of low scalability and some concerns about attacks of 51%, not counting its saturation in the market.

Investing in crypto-coins is always a big risk, but if you want to enter this market with the lowest possible risk factor, a good idea is to bet on Bitcoin. Despite the downturn during 2018, the size and stability of the asset will possibly ensure survival in the crisis and potential profits for 2019.

We leave here our recommendation for investment in Bitcoin, but let's talk about some altcoins that can appreciate more next year.


2. Ethereum (ETH)

The third largest crypto-currency by market capitalization, Ethereum is a second-generation currency that is almost no longer an altcoin because of its size and market share. Since its launch in July 2015, with more than 12 million pre-mined coins, ETH has grown 13,000% and was the best investment for 2018.

The currency is passing through a low, like the great majority of the crypto-coins, this is a common phenomenon of the market. ETH also suffers from a scalability problem, however, a new PoW / PoS system called Casper and a new Sharding concept can fix this problem and leverage the price of Ethereum for years to come.

Like Bitcoin, this is an almost zero risk investment and may be an interesting option for anyone entering the trading market right now and does not want to risk too much.


3. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is the second largest currency by market capitalization. Currently it has a good price for those who want to invest, under $ 1.00. Maybe it will not explode like it did with Bitcoin, since it has a lot more currencies in circulation, but what is worth investing in XRP is how it is being accepted by the general economy.

Several trusted institutions, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), are accepting Ripple as a form of payment. In addition, its development is directly connected with several banks such as Western Union and MoneyGram. These factors make us believe that next year XRP will start to grow consistently.

One of the complaints of the community is due to the low decentralization of the cryptomeo.However, developers have announced plans to improve this soon.


4. Stellar (XLM)

Much like Ripple, this coin tries to be the perfect choice for people and not for business. That means developers have created a quick, simple, easy-to-use currency so everyday users can embrace it more easily.

It has a secondary market for smart contracts, banking functions and dapps (decentralized Apps), which greatly strengthens its purpose and consequently gives more confidence in a possible valuation.

With a super fast transaction fee, very low procedure fees, and a security consensus protocol that is proof of the Byzantine Generals' Problem, this is a currency that is slowly gaining the market. The company behind it is also controlling currency inflation well, keeping most of the XLM for distribution over the next 10 years.

It has a higher risk factor than Ripple, but it may prove to be profitable in 2019.


5. EOS

EOS promises to improve all Ethereum defects and ensure a multiplatform for many solutions. From smart contracts like Ethereum, to Nano scalability with instant transactions almost for free and still be a platform for dapps .

With all this, the EOS is a strong promise of crypto-currency to invest in 2019. However, it is worth noting that despite the many promises, the EOS still has no product ready and so you need to be a bit skeptical with your future.

If he fulfills what he has promised, he will have a great appreciation next year, but it is a risky investment.


The market is keeping an eye on IOTA and its development. This third-generation currency has great potential for valuation and a not very high risk. With high scalability, instant transactions and no fees, IOTA's main goal is to become the currency that will connect all 80 million applications connected to the IOT by 2025.

This is possibly the currency with the greatest growth potential in the coming years. But the company behind it still needs to ensure that scalability will work as technology grows and solve some security issues that have not yet been fully addressed.


7. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin may be considered Bitcoin's younger brother, done in exactly the same way, but with mining to ensure a faster transaction. During November and December 2017, the currency grew rapidly and is still among the Top 10 by capitalization market.

Although the price has dropped steadily since the historic high, it remains well placed and with a low risk investment. The only concern on the part of investors is the lack of innovation in development, which despite bringing stability, does not offer much growth potential.


8. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Despite a major devaluation in recent months and a number of problems with other developers, BCH is still a viable trading option that can generate profits on upcoming market rallies. He is a hard fork of Bitcoin, however, with a larger block for faster transactions.

Bitcoin Cash is gradually working to make Bitcoin Cash a platform for dapps and smart contracts, adding value and stability to its price. Currently, its only risk is some internal problems that are damaging the speculative value of the currency, but it still remains in the top 10 of the market according to CoinMarketCap.


9. Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The BAT was created by a highly valued team in the fintechs market. Money is primarily intended to function as a financial unit among advertisers, marketing teams, content creators, and more. The Ethereum-based currency attempts to reach ordinary users with a browser that blocks malware and protects against data theft.

The BAT may be the first cryptomeca to pave the way between the general public and crypto-economics. If it succeeds, the token will be greatly appreciated. This can be seen in the recent 40% appreciation after a partnership with Dow Jones.


10. VeChain (VET)

Considered by many to be the most undervalued currency on the market, VeChain attempts to create a project based on developing stockpile solutions for Chinese corporations and helping to combat smuggling and counterfeiting.

This is one of the currencies with the greatest potential for future growth, especially if the Chinese market, which is one of the largest in the world, begins to accept the blockchain-based solution for its stock chains.

With one of the strongest communities of cryteconomy, VeChain has a great chance to become one of the next giants among the major altcoins.



These are our suggestions for crypto-coins to invest in 2019. Remembering that this is a risk market, so always count on a lot of research and, if possible, with the help of applications or companies specialized in the subject.

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