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Gold has been a fancy for people from all walks of life be it the affluent class or the downtrodden. You could say from last couple of decades Gold has been regarded as a hedge against inflation so a safe bet and in this manner has earned the name Safe Heaven for itself.

One of the most interesting facts i know about gold is that till date the biggest & the heaviest gold nugget was found in Australia in 1869 which weighed about 2500 ounces.

Gold is highly ductile. Did you know that a nugget of 24 k gold weighing 22-25 grams can be flattened to cover the field of a volleyball court or a lawn tennis court or if done quite finely even a football field. God threads are also used for embroidery but only a select few can afford it.

Gold is the only metal which is yellowish golden in color. We may see other metals also in the same color but that is not natural but is a result of them being oxidized or after treating with other chemicals.

Gold in itself is hypoallergenic and till date no case of allergy has been reported for purest i.e. 24 k gold. Allergies do occur in Gold Jewellery but because of the alloy mixed with it and not because of gold itself.

Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity and second-best after bronze.

South Africa had been the biggest producer of Gold for about a century or more but quite recently has been overtaken by China.

When we talk of bullion that is 24 k bricks and biscuits the purest form is 99.9999 purity and Credit Suisse holds its reputation as being the best followed by Pamp Suisse commercially.

Apart from jewelry and social security purposes Gold has been used in its purest form in medicines,as medals and medallions, if people can afford it is used for orthodontic fillings as well.

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