Publish0x - Where the creator and the reader earn money

Publish0x - Where the creator and the reader earn money

By Alisavan | thuthuatblog_wibsite | 7 Mar 2019

Publish0x - Where the creator and the reader earn money
My worth of this platform
I am always looking for a place to write articles like blogs to make money and share knowledge with readers. I am really happy to have a friend introduce me to Publish0x - where both readers and writers have money - is it great?

The process of making me a fairly simple author, just answering a few questions, I didn't even have a link, and I was approved after a few hours, it was incredible. Now I can publish good stories, the knowledge I have learned ... As you know in Vietnam to make money blogging is not easy so I am really happy to join this platform.

Tipping is free, allowing readers to adjust the tip of any value: 80/20 authors/readers or vice versa 80/20 readers/authors or any value you momg want. That's great isn't it, readers read more money than the author. Do you have any questions? that makes sense, without readers, the writer will be useless, so the author and the reader are equally valuable, right?

There will be no cheating here because you can only tip every 10 minutes, if the same author you have to wait after 24 hours. However, there are limitations as follows:
- I don't know how to follow another author and I don't know how many followings I have
- Not notified of new comments.
- No mobile apps yet
and also cannot mention the advantages of publish0x:
- Make money absolutely free
- Authors and readers earn money (I like this most)
- Simple interface easy to understand.
- Payment by electronic money.
- All comments are real.
In general, publish0x platform is highly anticipated for the official version. I hope to have better adjustments, more convenient for users.

When you see this article, please register to join through my link for great experiences. Please let me know you have joined me to follow you on it.


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