Cardano $ADA now available on Newton Canada!

Hey friends 👋

Wasn't planning to write a second post today, after my new post about the great deal on Ledger hardware wallets that's on right now! But I just saw some news and I really wanted to share it with you. This one is for my friends in Canada 🇨🇦 Newton Crypto has added Cardano's $ADA!

Sorry to anyone elsewhere in this big world 🌏 Just for you, though, here's a link to Crypto[dot]com, which I also included at the bottom. It's a pretty unique referral program but you may value the deal. Either way, you can buy ADA there.

So, this isn't really a post about what ADA is or what makes the Cardano blockchain special. That post is coming eventually, and will probably be available first for Crypto Club members over on my Buy Me a Coffee ☕️

If you don't know, Cardano is a blockchain created by mathematician and Ethereum co-founder, Charles Hoskinson. It has a number of unique features that make it really promising including low transaction costs and high speed 🙌

Currently the blockchain is in a sort of beta phase as smart contracts have not yet launched, and so even though I'm not making any claims about its status as a so-called "ethereum killer" I will say this: the Cardano foundation has already made a lot of partnerships with governments and industrial leaders around the globe that position it as a surefire success in the blockchain world. Perhaps it will only be used for voting, perhaps it will be used for much more. In any case, I'm bullish 🐂 Please note that this is not investing advice.


If, after you've done your own research, you're bullish too, and you live in Canada, Newton Crypto has you covered! 👀 As of today, you can buy Cardano $ADA on Newton alongside 25 other cryptocurrencies, with low-to-no fees. Use my referral code and you'll get $25 FREE when you deposit and trade $100+ ✨

Newton is my current go to for buying cryptocurrency in Canada, but if you prefer other options, below are a couple more that offer ADA. And I've gone ahead and sorted them geographically as well as included every bonus I can find.

Alternate Referrals

🇨🇦 Coinsmart - Fund your account, get $15

Power Up Your Purchase:
If you sign up for Coinsmart you should do it through the Drop app. Right now there is a promotion where you'll get 90k drop points, which is almost enough for two $50 amazon gift certificates 🔥

Alternatively, if you want a signup bonus paid in crypto, you can use Coinmiles app for a $25 bonus in Bitcoin

🌏 Crypto[dot]com - Stake $500 of CRO, get a $25USD bonus, discounted rates, and a credit card with crypto cashback and free Spotify

Power Up Your Purchase, (Canada only):
If you sign up for Crypto[dot]com through Coinmiles, you'll receive $10USD of free Bitcoin for making an account, and nother $10USD of free Bitcoin if you stake 1000 CRO

All of these Power Ups, are on top of the regular sign up bonus. To learn more about my approach to Powering Up Your Purchases, aka rewards-stacking, read my blog post about it.


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Crypto, creativity, commerce

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Thumbs Up Finance

Crypto, creativity, commerce

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