My first post on publish0x.

Greetings friends!

Once I used to write a lot on centralized social media like Facebook, twitter etc. Then changed everything for me. It was a decentralized (to much extent) platform where people can write anything and also could get reward for their hard work in the form of cryptocurrency. I wrote a lot on that platform. I also invested on the native tokens of steem blockchain which is also known as Steem. In return I made a good fan following there and and was also rewarded for my work. Later, steem blockchain was split in two parts- Steem and Hive blockchain. My holdings of Steem also proved to be beneficial for me. I got equal numbers of Hive tokens as well and had access to both the chains in the same time. So, that hard fork proved to be beneficial for the users who had account on Steemit just before the hard fork. 

Through a dapp on hive, I came to know about publish0x. I immediately joined it and found it very interactive and equally beneficial. I followed some authors here and 'tipped' them with cryptos which also brought a small portion of cryptos for me. This is really great! One can be rewarded instantaneously for his/her contribution. Earned cryptos can also be transferred and the user can transform them into other cryptos or fiats as per his requirement. I also found very interactive, interesting and useful articles here. Authors are knowledgeable and well learned. What else can a lover of knowledge ask for from the internet?

However, I found it a little tricky to use the platform of publish0x to write a blog. I am not used to its interface yet and it requires me some time to get used to it. If I have made any mistake while writing or if there are anything unpleasant about the arrangement of pictures, text of this blog, please ignore it as I am still not familiar the way it works here. So, please excuse me if you don't like it. 


Thank you for reading. Have a great time ahead. 


All images are taken from and are just for making the blog interactive. 





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I am a crypto enthusiast and a blogger.

This is my first post on publish0x.
This is my first post on publish0x.

This post is about how I came to know about this amazing platform and how I found it.

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