What is Synergy Land - Upcoming P2E ARPG on Solana 

What is Synergy Land - Upcoming P2E ARPG on Solana 

By Deraji | Thinking Crypto | 13 Jan 2022

Today, I’d like to share a quick summary of another upcoming play-to-earn blockchain video game, Synergy Land.  Still very early in development, there are a number of things I like about the project, as well as a few concerns, which are to be expected for a new project founded in mid-2021.  

A Quick Summary

Built on Solana, Synergy Land is a multiplayer ARPG inspired by Diablo and Path of Exile, giving ownership to various gaming elements to the players in the form of NFTs.  Founded by Carlos Bolanos (CEO) and Oscar Solar Fas (Creative Director), the team, largely located in Spain, is fully doxxed.  They even went a step further with a nice touch of adding LinkedIn links to the white paper and lite paper


Across the current team, there are decades of gaming experience, including over 15 years each of industry experience from both founders.  Their resumes include a number of big studios, including Nintendo, 2K, Ubisoft, Mercurysteam, and Riot Games, with titles to the teams’ credit including Assassin’s Creed, Metroid, Castlevania Lords of Shadows, and Ghost Recon.  

While the project is less than six months old, they have already released a first gameplay footage trailer, highlighting several elements of the game, including the Diablo-like styling, as well as the farming/breeding elements.

Check out their YouTube channel here


The Game

Developed with Unreal engine, the game seems very broad in scope, providing a dungeon crawler game with a diverse set of alternative play forms, including a turn-based pet battler and crafting/farming game.  This is probably one of my biggest concerns for the project at this stage, with a huge scope and small team setting very aggressive targets.  Projecting an alpha release in Q2 and beta release in Q3, we will see how much of this scope is available at launch.

Much of this gameplay lives outside the dungeon, with players owning a “private island,” an instanced location to serve as the center of farming and crafting.  The island will serve as player housing, and the hub for hiring workers to obtain resources and convert in a traditional system of mining resources used for blacksmithing items, and farming to breeding.


Personally, the game truly speaks to me, representing a number of my favorite genres.  I spent most of my college years in Diablo II, eventually "graduating" to World of Warcraft.  There, I was the guy who in my spare time from raiding loved the pet battler and tending my garrison in Warlords of Draenor or my garden in Mists of Pandaria.  Presuming the Synergy Land team can deliver, I can see spending a lot of time not just in dungeons, but also crafting, farming, and breeding.  For now, check out the white paper for more details.

Boss NFTs

One of the most unique aspects of the project from a gameplay perspective is the Boss NFT.  Offering an element I haven’t seen elsewhere, Synergy Land plans to sell the dungeon bosses, allowing owners to stake their bosses up against players to earn rewards.  Groups of up to four players will be able to pay the ACN token (more on tokens below), challenging an owner Boss.  If the team wins, they earn back their paid tokens along with loot.  If the boss defeats the team, the boss owner receives the paid tokens.  Very exciting feature!


The Tokens

Synergy Land is using a two token system, with SNG (governance token) and ACN (“ancient coins,” the in-game reward token) serving unique purposes.  SNG serves as both the trading currency and governance, while ACN will act as the reward currency, with use for purchasing resources, as well as crafting, breeding pets, dungeon fees, and land taxes.  Neither token has yet been generated, with this event expected later in Q1 2022. 

Land Taxes is one of the more unique elements of the tokenomics, with a monthly fee being charged to landowners with various features on their property, encouraging use versus just holding land.  I’ll cover tokenomics to a greater extent in a future article.


What’s Next For Synergy Land

Still very early in development, the team projects launching the beta version of the game in Q3, though we expect a number of events much sooner.  Specifically, the first expected event will be an NFT art sale (listed in the roadmap as Q4 2021), and the token emission and IGO listed as Q1 2022.  Right now, there are several competitions going on tied to Discord and offering a variety of Discord roles and whitelist opportunities for the upcoming NFT sale.  To track the project further, follow my articles here, check out the project website, or join the Synergy Land Discord

What do you think about Synergy Land?  Leave your comments below.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support.



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