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WalletFP.com is an app on Elrond built by the community.
By using this tool, you'll estimate your Elrond ESDT & NFT collection value in $EGLD.
Instead of spending time going through each of your NFTs and trying to work out what is the current price is at the moment, WalletFP.com aggregates all your NFT data from different exchanges with an up to date floor prices and auto-calculates the value of your total NFT assets at that point in time.

One of the beauties of this app is that you can search your address or @herotag without connecting your wallet.

When you browse WalletFP.com, you will find 3 sections (NFTs, ESDTs, and Diggs).





On this tab, you can search your Elrond address or your @herotag.
You will see all the NFTs that are on that address.
Also, you can find details about Collection Name, Quantity, Royalties, Floor Price on different NFT markets, and a total value in EGLD estimated for each collection.



On this tab, you can search your Elrond address or your @herotag.
You will see a total estimated wallet value in EGLD and a pie chart about all the coins and tokens from that wallet.
Extra, you can see details about EGLD value from the wallet, all the tokens detailed, your LP Farm, and Metabonding.





On this tab, you can find details about different projects from the ecosystem.



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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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