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By d3mentOr | Things You Need To Know | 26 Apr 2022


c14e7c2a3e2128a782fe4a10b8215437899edf606e7d511f8fa62a0f9df2d585.jpg is an Elrond tool that helps you keep track of the NFT market.
On the Ethereum blockchain, collection creators are willing to pay a lot of money to tracking tools (like to get the users' attention.

The first version of the site is already live with two basic features:

  • The top collections table with volume



  • A graph showing the volume's history for each collection.



The team is already planning for this quarter:

  • Adding more data to the "Top collections" table and more graphics to the "unique collection page" (floor price, NFTs per holder,...)
  • A Rarity Explorer
  • Calculation of an NFT value according to the trading history, the current floor price, and the item's rarity
  • Detailed portfolio analysis with your trading history
  • An Upcoming page with social movements


The team decided to give you the opportunity to help them by creating their own membership NFT collection.
Being a member of Omniscient Private Club (owning an NFT) comes with a slew of benefits:

  • You will receive a portion of the value generated by the site FOREVER
  • AMAs with Early-Stage Projects and Solid NFT investors
  • Private content: For those who are already familiar with NFTs but want to go further
  • Special rank and private channel on Discord to talk with other savvy NFT investors
  • Unique border around your profile picture (when you will be able to post messages on
  • Lifetime access to' paid features (if planned)
  • Bonus to reward those who are patient




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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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