lockedmex.exchange | Swap LKMex (locked MEX), EGLD, MEX and ITHEUM fast and safe

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If you are familiar with Maiar and Maiar Exchange from the Elrond ecosystem, I'm pretty sure you know that you can farm $LKMEX on Maiar Exchange.
And already know that $LKMEX is the locked version of the $MEX.

In my opinion, lockedmex.exchange was the missing tool within the Maiar suite.
lockedmex.exchange was built by the Elrond community.
Initially, you could swap here only $LKMEX and $EGLD.
But now, after the latest update, you can swap $LKMEX, $MEX, $EGLD, and $ITHEUM.




It can help you buy $LKMEX at a good price or helps you liquidate it in case of an emergency.
Everybody should be aware of the existence of such a tool.

If I need to describe it in 3 words, I'll say:

liquidity, secure, fast


There's a referral program with different ranks, which you can achieve by inviting new users.


1. Hobbit

  • Profit share 17%


2. Dwarf

  • Profit share 20%
  • Bonus LKMEX 100,000


  • Active users 3
  • Profit generated LKMEX: 200,000 & EGLD: 0.2


3. Elf

  • Profit share 22%
  • Bonus LKMEX 1,000,000


  • Active users 7
  • Profit generated LKMEX: 2,500,000 & EGLD: 2


4. Wizard

  • Profit share 24%
  • Bonus LKMEX 5,000,000


  • Active users 25
  • Profit generated LKMEX: 12,500,000 & EGLD: 10


5. Dragon

  • Profit share 27%
  • Bonus LKMEX 25,000,000


  • Active users 100
  • Profit generated LKMEX: 50,000,000 & EGLD: 60


How to earn from the referral program:
  •  Tell your friends about the platform and give them your referral URL.
  •  Once somebody connects their wallet and executes a swap on your referral page, his wallet is forever linked to you and you will start receiving profit share from all the trades they do, according to your rank.
  • Claim your rewards anytime.






Not financial advice.

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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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