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By d3mentOr | Things You Need To Know | 23 Mar 2022




If you are familiar with the Elrond ecosystem, you know that you can farm $LKMEX on Maiar Exchange.
And know that $LKMEX is the locked version of the $MEX.
Down below, in the next rows, I will detail my strategy for earning $EGLD every day.


For this strategy, we need to use two decentralized exchanges.


The first DEX is Maiar Exchange.




On Maiar Exchange from the farm section, we will select the first farm and choose to farm $LKMEX.

For this strategy, I've chosen to put 5080888 LKMEX at work.




5080888.8633 LKMEX * 112% APR = 5690595.53 LKMEX (profit per year)
5690595.53 LKMEX / 365 days ≈ 15590 LKMEX per day.


The second DEX is

Here will sell our $LKMEX, farmed on Maiar Exchange, for $EGLD.



15590 LKMEX ≈ 0.0123 EGLD

If APR decreases, this method won't be profitable anymore.
BUT then you will wait to unlock your $LKMEX and sell it as $MEX.
Because $LKMEX is the locked version of the $MEX and cheaper.

You'll earn extra by purchasing $LKMEX from and selling $MEX on when unlocks.


Before you decide to copy this strategy, do your own research!



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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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