Herotag Generator | Claim the desired @herotag for your Elrond web wallet

By d3mentOr | Things You Need To Know | 31 Mar 2022

Are you ready to claim your @herotag?

@herotag.elrond's most fundamental job is to associate complex pieces of data, such as a wallet address, with a human-readable name.
This means that you can transfer money to @beniaminmincu.elrond instead of erd1hcdvsfntgpgs7nf43guk0emx7s4k2wecr6rtlsxyl6wlcazj3rmqehszsy.

First-time, the @herotag was available exclusively on Elrond Maiar Wallet.
At present, on the E-Compass.io website is available a @herotag generator tool for the Elrond web wallets.




To get your @herotag, go to the E-Compass.io tools tab and choose Herotag Generator.
Enter the desired @herotag and click submit.
If the @herotag is available, you will receive details about a transaction you need to do in your wallet.
It should look like this:




From your wallet, send a transaction following what details you received.
Now go to elrondscan.com and search your Elrond address.
You will notice that you are the owner of the desired @herotag.



  • A @herotag assigned to an address cannot be changed or removed.
  • The @herotag will appear in the Elrond Explorer and on the blockchain, but cannot yet be used as a receiving address in the Maiar application.
  • Before doing this action on your primary wallet, you can test the generator on a secondary wallet.
  • Remember to not use the definitive @herotag during a test, as it will no longer be available.




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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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