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By d3mentOr | Things You Need To Know | 30 Mar 2022

ElrondNFTSwap.com is the first NFT marketplace that shares earnings with its users.
Krogan is the founder of ElrondNFTSwap.com
Krogan is a multiplayer Play to Earn game built on the Elrond blockchain.



To sell your NFT on ElrondNFTSwap.com, you can choose:

  • Fixed Price
  • Bidding
  • Swapping


How does "Swapping" work?
  • Swapping works by having the seller put up their NFTs for an offer for a certain duration
  • Buyers can offer up to 5 items they would like to trade for the NFT (items can be NFTs, ESDTs, or EGLD)
  • Each wallet can only make one offer (comprising of up to 5 items) for a certain NFT
  • Offers made by other wallets are visible
  • Seller then get to choose whether there is any offer they like and proceed with the swap


Only verified NFT collections and verified tokens will be available for swap.
They have created a system in which no fake items can ever be traded.


Holding 3+ Krogan spaceship NFTs will make you a shareholder.




Shareholder profits:

  • 80% - 1st week
  • 60% - 2nd week
  • 40% - 3rd week
  • 30% - lifetime



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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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