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By d3mentOr | Things You Need To Know | 26 Mar 2022



How rare is your Elrond NFT?
Elrond Index is a tool that can help you find out.

When you browse Elrond Index, you will find two major tabs.

1. Upcoming Drops




In this section, you will find all the upcoming Elrond NFT collections.
And details as:

  • NFT collection name
  • official NFT collection links (their Website, Twitter, and Discord)
  • mint time
  • the total number of NFTs from that collection
  • the mint price in EGLD

I like that all this information is for each day.

2. Rarity Tool




Here you can browse between Hot Collections, New Listings, or All Collections.
Under All Collections is a search bar, and you can search the collection you want to find details about.
When you find the collection you want to see, open it.
Enter your NFT into the collection search bar.
You will see what rank and score has your NFT and all other attributes.




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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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