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What is Eldar?


Eldar is a suite of tools built on the Elrond Blockchain.
Eldar's goal is to combine classic DeFi investing methods with real-world apps; by developing dApps that deliver true value to their users.

Eldar Dashboard is publicly released and available to everyone on the Elrond blockchain.
Dashboard's primary function is to serve as a portal for accessing Eldar's dApps.
Eldar Dashboard is truly unique, with distinguishing features, designed specifically to host all Eldar dApps under one roof.

Through Dashboard, you will have access to all Eldar’s dApps.




Portfolio Manager

  • You can directly check the balances of your EGLD and ESDT tokens
  • Every ESDT token has a place in Eldar's Dashboard
  • You can easily check the positions of all ESDT tokens in your wallet

LKMEX Merger

  • If you have different $LKMEX tokens (with different unlocking dates), now you can merge them into one $LKMEX distribution.
  • Just select “Merge all” and sign the transaction.



NFT Showcase

  • Check and see all the NFTs from that wallet.




  • Is already under construction.


  • It will be launched towards the end of Q1.
  • It will have some unique features, such as giving more value to existing assets but also burning $MEX with every transaction.



  • Share your Eldar referral link and earn 20% of the fees spent by your referrals.





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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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