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Inspired by the Battle of Yields events created by the Elrond team, has a similar version called "AshSwap Battle of Yields".
With "AshSwap Battle of Yields", the team wants:

  • to ensure that the contracts function smoothly and safely
  • to collect data on associated parameters such as liquidity, trading fee, farming APY, and so on, in order to calibrate and optimize those parameters
  • to build a testing environment on Testnet that is as near to Mainnet as possible, so users know what to expect




  • Visit AshSwap Battle of Yields
  • Register via the form
  • The form will be closed on 01 May at 17:00 UTC
  • Login with Maiar & Connect with the registered wallet address
  • Claim your event Testnet tokens soonest 15 minutes before the starting time from the event's faucet
  • Start farming when the time comes.

The competition begins on 05 May 08:00 UTC and lasts until Thursday, 19 May 08:00 UTC.
The timeline and the details can be changed in the middle of the event if needed.
Be aware of and pay attention to announcements.



1. Will this event run on all platforms?

You could use both PC, laptop & mobile, but they suggest using a popular web browser to avoid mistakes.

2. When will I receive my prize?

After the events, the submissions will be analyzed, and the winners and prizes will be announced.

3. How do I make yields?

Swap tokens, deposit liquidity, deposit the resulting LP tokens in Farms, harvest rewards, repeat.

4. How will the competition start?

The event faucet will be opened 15 mins before the Starting Time.
You will be able to claim the same amount of Testnet tokens & get ready for the battle.
At 08:00 UTC, you will be able to access the Battle of Yields test platform & start having fun.

5. How to register for the AshSwap Battle of Yields?

You can register via the form


Important Rules

  • Don't send xEGLD or tokens from your wallet.
  • Don't use the fund received from other wallets.
  • In case you receive tokens, make sure you do not use the fund and forward all the received tokens to this burn address within 48 hours.




Any actions against the above rules will be considered fraudulent and you will get disqualified from the final results.


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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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