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By d3mentOr | Things You Need To Know | 23 Mar 2022


ab57cbbee0592216bd74839cb31e3cb739c4bfb194673dc84d7d2bb119c5fb56.jpg is a new app on Elrond.
By using it, you'll track your Elrond wallet, swap, compound, watch price charts, and more.

1. Arda Board is where you can track and manage all your Elrond wallets:

  • single tokens, like EGLD, MEX, or USDC
  • LP tokens, like EGLD-MEX LP
  • Yield farming positions, like EGLD-MEX LP, deposited in Maiar farms
  • NFTs.



2. Arda Swap allows you to swap single or LP tokens in one click and one transaction.


3. Arda Compound allows you to compound your yield farming rewards in one click and one transaction.


4. Arda Charts allows you to analyze the price charts of all ESDT tokens


In the past, Beniamin Mincu ( Elrond CEO) tweeted about Arda.



Arda has a rapidly growing community of users.
Their top priority is to ensure safety.



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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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