What I Wish I Knew Before Investing in Crypto

Are you new to the Crypto Sphere? Want to invest in coins? Here are a few gems I learned the hard way... 

1. Do Your Own Research.  Don't just pick a coin shilled by some clown like me on Reddit or an advisor on YouTube. Your Uncle Tommy might not be as smart as you think. Do read and research to find a project that makes sense and has a real world use cases - good tokenomics and development teams. This leads to...

☆Thus, stay away from S***Coins!☆

The Reddit groups such as Satoshi Street Bets and Crypto Moon Shots are not your friend. Anything guaranteeing a 100x -1000x profit is a crook, and rug pulls are common by these developers. This is why people get so frustated watching people who can't see the dangers of meme coins with no use cases. Most of these coins have less chance of winning than the lottery in your state.  Safemoon is NOT safe. 

3. Make your portfolio strong. This means putting more $ in original, safer coins such as BTC and ETH, with much lower percentages in Alt coins such as VET, ADA, DOT, ALGO, and the like. The alt coins carry higher chances of gains, but also much higher risk of losses. You do want to diversify for risk management. 

The older you are, the more conservative you may want to be.  Many people like the strategy of profiting on their smaller coins and putting the profits back into BTC and ETH. My personal strategy is 70:20:10 with 10% in Alts.

4. Spend only what you can afford to lose.  I know people are sick of hearing this...but I remember stories from 2017 of people taking out 2nd mortgages and selling cars to buy Crypto. Their finances were wrecked very quickly. Right now during this bull market, we all are happy. This can change overnight.  

Remember,  Crypto is similar to a lottery or horse race. We are all bettors. 

5. Don't FOMO ( fear of missing out) into a coin. If it's nearly at its high, It can *and* will likely consolidate and go down; you can always buy in at the dip in price. Be patient. This leads to: 

6. Use DCA. Dollar Cost Averaging has been shown by experts to be the best trading strategy in crypto. DCA means buying coins on a regular schedule, hopefully lowering your average costs over time.  You can also DCA/buy the dips, but you never know when a crypto is at a low, so pure DCA usually works better.   

7. Don't PANIC SELL!  This is usually the first mistake newbies make in order to cut their losses.  I know I did.  Had I never panic sold, I would be up about 70% higher than I am today. 
This panic selling also happens in a bear market,  when losses can hit 30% in day. Everyone wants to sell at the same time.
When you are in doubt about your coin's recent dive,  zoom out on the price chart to look at a year or two, and you will realize most 20% dips come right back up.   

8. Hold on to your coins, especially if you bought them because you believe in their future. You will make more money Holding than selling and buying another Crypto almost EVERY TIME.  HODL!

Many exchanges and platforms will pay you interest to keep your coins on their exchange, with interest ranging from 1-12.5%! You can also stake your coins in some applications and earn passive income.  

9. Invest in a hardware wallet when you can. You can keep coins on exchanges or "hot" (online) wallets when actively trading, but take the crypto out when you can for safety.  Some exchanges do not give you a seed phrase: many say "Not your keys, Not your Coin." 

10. Have an exit plan.  Some people take out their original investment and play only with the house money. Others take profits when a coin reaches a certain % gain or value. Set a goal and use it. If you wait until the bear market you may not have profits to take.  

11. Leverage trading is for idiots or fools and you can lose much more then simple investing.  Wait until you're 75, and if you are still alive and heavily in the market - then maybe leverage trade.  

12. Don't watch your phone or computer all the damn time.  Unless you're a successful day trader (less than .05% of people, experts say) you don't need to watch prices but 2 or 3 times a day. What you find should not change your strategy, unless BTC drops to 10k and you want to buy in. Stress kills.  

13. It's just money.  A high percentage of people in Crypto just want to get a lift out of poverty and gain some savings. A little money can mean a lot to some of us. But money is not worth your health,  family,  career,  or life. 

Love and Love happily, my friends!

Good luck and Make Money!

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Things I Wish I Knew Before Investing in Crypto
Things I Wish I Knew Before Investing in Crypto

A short list of ideas about Cryptocurrency investing and how to begin.

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