How can jesus really be a god?

By AlienX | They don't care about us | 23 Aug 2020

  • Have you ever thought of how can another man like you be a god? 
  • And even if he was God.  Can a god be killed on the cross by some other men???  

Why don't you just use your mind? .  and try to think did he really die and came back to life? .  

According to the story he came back to life after 3 days, entered a room full of men.  They thought he's a ghost or a soul  so the man said he was tired and hungry.  And he ate fish and honey..  

Does it sound like he was really hungry or he wanted to prove he's just a man?  Does a soul eat fish normally?  

It's exactly like the man himself saying I didn't die I'm not got and people say no you're God.  You came back to life.  

I just hope you use your mind like you're new everything.  Religion need to be logical.  Not science fiction movie. 

Thank you.  

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They don't care about us
They don't care about us

In this blog I'm going to talk about how the government don't really care about us.. Your biggest enemy is in your country not somewhere else don't waste your life following some fools orders

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