Weekly Tarot predictions for the Cryptocurrency Market

Weekly Tarot predictions for the Cryptocurrency Market

By TheWanderer | TheWanderer | 28 Nov 2021

Note that this reading is in no way financial advice. And it is intended for entertainment purposes only. If the the Tarot reading does not resonate with you personally feel free to skip it.

Weekly Tarot reading overall energy: The Devil

The overall energy of the Cryptocurrency Market for the week ahead ( 29-11-2021/05-12-2021):

The overall energy is rapid, unstoppable and overflowing. And even toxic at the same time. This toxicity is accompanied by greed and guilt. There is also a sense of withdrawal of some sorts or a sense that something is being withheld. How that translates into your life is dependent on each individual.

Overall there is also a lot of enthusiasm and hopeful energy. The cards also indicate a change in action or a recovery. A recovery mode of some kind. It could also point to an action you need to take. This is looking at the overall energy of the cryptocurrency market for the upcoming week. All the ducks need to be put in a row. Do not get overflown by your emotions ( do not start over thinking or worrying). Rather step back from the situation and take a good look at the bigger picture of all things and what are the possible outcomes.


The overall energy of Bitcoin for the week ahead (29-11-2021/05-12-2021):

Overall energy has a lot do with with the community and investing your time and expressing yourself in this community. Through the actions and moves that you make.

There is also a sense of deceit or a hidden plan or agenda, which is coming trough. Something is not in alignment with Bitcoins values overall, or the values of individuals invested in Bitcoin and the community. There is a lot of insight and wisdom coming trough in the next week or so.

Notice and pay attention to what you may have overlooked and remember to step back and look at the bigger picture of it all.

Overall energy of Bitcoin is strong, masculine, powerful, stable and abundant. It is an energy of giving back and receving. Not being greedy with all that you have.

There is a lot of potential in cryptocurrency. Especially Bitcoin. There is a lot to be explored and a lot of areas of usage. A ton of choices. Bitcoin holds the energy of compassion, generosity and diplomacy. A swell as rebirth, transformation and change. We will see how this and Bitcoin will manifest itself in the future. Transformation and change. The tarot cards signal the end of a cycle.

Again, you should not be too greedy. Rather try to be content with what you hold. Do not take the situation that is unfolding for granted. Nothing can stop you in all that life has to offer. Being diligent at the same time as well as turning new ideas into concrete plans and executing those. Taking action. This has a potential to bring a lot of new ideas and innovations to the market or even your personal life. There is also an energy of not liking anything new or a feeling of being stuck. Where nothing is really moving.


That is about it.This is all the cards have to say for now.

Have a beautiful week everyone. Wishing you all the best the future has to offer.



-The Wanderer


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