Weekly Trading Blog #1

By zaxby1 | ThetaGang | 20 Mar 2020

Robinhood $2.5k Challenge

This is the inaugural post of my blog detailing trades I've made on Robinhood.  I'm documenting my learning process of new options strategies.  I've funded my account with $2,500 and I'm going to either YOLO it into oblivion, or make enough to buy a yacht.  Let's dive in.

Trade 1:  SPY $262p 03/16  

A was a great winning trade to start with.  I purchased one put option contract on SPY on March 11th for $2.99.  That night Trump announced the travel ban. The market tanked the next day and I made an over 400% return in one day.


Trade 2: SPY $262p 03/18  

After the great return on my first trade I couldn't help myself.  I doubled down on SPY puts, purchasing 2 contracts on the 13th for a total of $667.  I was very nervous holding them over the weekend, but more bad news came out and I dumped them on Monday the 16th for $1,230.  Didn't quite double my money, but I'll take it.


Trade 3:  BTC scalp

This was a small gain, just testing out crypto trading on Robinhood.  I purchased $1,500.95 worth of BTC on the 16th and sold it later that night for 1,561.35.  A 60 dollar gain, not really worth it for the money I had at risk.


Trade 4: SPY $265c 03/20

Nobody wins all the time, but you need to cut your losses before they wipe you out.  But sadly, If only I had diamond hands and held on to this option I could have profited from this trade during the midday recovery on the 17th.  But a $200 loss is perfectly acceptable.



Week 1 Results

Starting Balance:  $2,500.00

Ending Balance:    $4,233.19


A 69.3% return.  That's it for week one!


Robinhood will give you a free stock for joining, try it out!



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