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No Futures for me please!

By Bub200bub | TheRoaring2020s | 6 Aug 2021

Holy Smokes!  Tonight I’m pondering what kind of an animal is futures trading? This thing feels to much like picking dogs or horses. Wanna go for broke? Wager more than 10% with astronomical leverage. It’s gone before you can even click buy. And even after loss after loss the hope that it brings is just to much to say no. That’s all we are buying is HOPE.  

Well another 1000 dollars later and I have finally learned to HODL, well almost all the way. The smell of the track, the sound of the mechanical rabbit, and prime rib buffet, wait a minute I’m not at the track.  Yea, I keep flushing the hard earned dollars down the toilet. What will I ever do? HODL? Doubtful! Double or nothing is more like it. I’ll put 600 on Black, good lord let me hit!

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Crypto cowboy, I lost every herd I ever had to futures. HODL you donkeys!


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