Forces unseen

Are you aware? Discovery of the millennia!

By Bub200bub | TheRoaring2020s | 15 May 2021

9a2791dd1de5239c2e35df1e8ad03089597f003ed3c55c3f94351420273fc08d.jpgWell with the advent of the blockchain a wave of investors, companies, countries, and businesses are using it for solutions. But what does that mean to you?  How can I get this “crypto”? 

Everyday I mention it a lot because it’s exciting and a big opportunity for everyone. But for most people who have the pleasure to converse with me they don’t know much more than the fact that it exists, if that.  Now if your reading this you probably have a way broader knowledge of everything crypto than just about everyone else. We are the 1%! 

What this rambling boils down to is that this invention and the possibilities that it brings to us, the human race,  enable us to have a better understanding of ourselves and present us with opportunities that only arise once in a millennia. So the progress we see already is only the cornerstone of what eventually will be. Who knows your local bank may get a new billboard that says swap instead of bank. And your debit and credit cards no longer belong to the same 3 companies.  The possibility is endless. And I for one hope it’s allowed to become mainstream and blossom into one of the greatest achievements our species has accomplished. Congratulations it is born! Please be a good parent.

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Crypto cowboy, I lost every herd I ever had to futures. HODL you donkeys!


A glimpse into the chaotic unfolding of this decade. Buckle up and hold on we are going for a ride.

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