What to do when you don’t have money to get Bitcoin

By CryptoKingcup | TheMerryweather | 10 Feb 2021


I know I know the title most will just pass by and not read my little post but hopefully a few will stay. So here is my little plug on how I’ve made bitcoin and other alt-coins. If you knew me you probably think I’m the cheapest man alive. I hate to spend money and I really hate to lose money. I was at a crossroads I put some money into the stock market and lost it. All my hard earned money was gone. So I Lost faith in investing.


Then a few months ago a friend that I work with start a talking about bitcoin and other crypto coin. He had me intrigued but remember I hate to lose money. So I had to figure out away to get some money and put it into bitcoin and other crypto. So I go on when I find some faucets         ( most of them are duds ) but I did find a few good ones. If you want I’ll leave some links at the bottom so you can check them out. People keep telling me I’m wasting my time!!!

I say time is all I have!!! I start doing some surveys cashing out find out a few Survey websites pay in bitcoin and a few other alt-coins that you can cash out to coinbase. So I start “wasting” my time. Lol.... filling out surveys, coin drops, getting a nice bag full of coins. Now I start making trades (super addictive by the way) I have staked a few got in a few good airdrops a ton not so good. But I’m learning!!! So if you want to “waste” you time finding some free coins that is up to you. Or just check out a few of the links I have a have some “fun” so here you go.





This one is by far the best I have found it pays out to coinbase. BTH, ETH, Litecoin, OX, XLM and a ton of others. 




This one has over 40 different coins that you can transfer you’re Dutchy tokens for. Also you can transfer in a coin base or to your private wallet.

I am going to the moon who’s coming with me!!!



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Crypto is a thing of beauty!!! welcome to the future. Going to the moon who’s coming with me


Want to learn about crypto let’s do it together. Many crazy and wonderful things are happening in the crypto world. Let’s go to the moon.

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