Elon Musk just brought cryptocurrency into the limelight!!!

By CryptoKingcup | TheMerryweather | 9 Feb 2021

  • ElonToday we witnessed something amazing. Cryptocurrency is now not just for the freaks and geeks but billionaires are buying in. I may be new to the cryptocurrency scene but I’m truly excited to see where it will go. Think about it Elon Musk just dropped a huge bag on Bitcoin. 1.5 billion that’s not just chump change. Think about the company said he owns. Tesla, SpaceX and NeuraLink. I just want Focus a little bit on this last company Neuralink. Think about what we will be able to do with this Technology. Elon says it like a Fitbit for your brain. You want to download your brain onto a computer he says you will be able to one day. The major innovations which his company are going to be huge. He talks about people that are blind I’ll be able to see you again people that haven’t walked will be able to walk again. We are about to see some amazing things I can’t wait. I’ve had an a little video hope you enjoy it. 

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Crypto is a thing of beauty!!! welcome to the future. Going to the moon who’s coming with me


Want to learn about crypto let’s do it together. Many crazy and wonderful things are happening in the crypto world. Let’s go to the moon.

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