Crypto Launchpads

Crypto Launchpads

By RelyOnCrypto | | 21 Apr 2021

The next big trend in crypto right now after Defi and NFTs are Launchpads.

ICOs, Initial Coin Offerings, was viewed as a viable alternative to IPOs, Initial Public Offerings, but unfortunately, they failed miserably. One of the major challenges this form of crowdfunding struggled with was the possibility of scams. Unfortunately, we saw many of those, they struggled with disappointing product developments with lack of interest and necessary traction, challenges and execution, no suitable market matches, and poor marketing or go-to-market strategies.

With traditional institutions warming up to cryptocurrency, the methods of crowdfunding also began to evolve and many of the budding crypto projects are now opting for a crypto Launchpad to raise capital instead of ICOs because of the following advantages; crypto Launchpad’s act as a vetting process for new projects, thus, they protect investor interests. They also lower the barrier for entry for investors, as the Launchpad provides token purchasing privileges to investors at a reduced price before tokens hit the market. Crypto Launchpad provides a way to raise capital for new projects, they're also safer platforms than ICOs. Finally, communities convolute and create a network effect for better community building.

Binance Launchpad

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of volume, and they announced the launch of by Binance Launchpad platform in January of 2019.  It has a strong selection process that's set into place. The Launchpad features of the project on the basis of the following parameters, that’s to be a relatively mature stage in its project development, readiness for large scale adoption is also prioritized, a strong and committed team It's also emphasized, and finally, the potential to benefit the growth and development of the wider crypto ecosystem.

Users that participate must have a verified Binance account. Users can check out the future projects on by Binance Launchpad website, which uses crypto-like BNB, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or many more. Once they decided to take part in the token sale, they can click the Buy Now button to spend their crypto on these initiatives.  Depending on the terms of the token sale, they can even use cryptos such as BNB, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others as well.  they have launched more than 42 projects and the total funds launched has been about $79 million. Their first token sale was Bittorrent, which raised $7.12 million in less than 15 minutes. Some other very successful Binance Launchpad projects include Polygon, Band Protocol, Kava, Cartesi, and Injective Protocol.

DAO Maker

It's a platform that helps startup crypto projects gain retailer exposure at a relatively early stage. It also elevates the capability of retail investors to invest in potential projects and the early-stage retail investors can be issued with equity, unlike other Launchpads where only project tokens are offered.  therefore, it allows equal participation of crowd equity and tokens at the same time. DAO Maker has three types of products.

Product number one, DAO Maker's Venture Bond (VB); startups can issue bonds that users can then purchase and along with that, they're exposed to zero-risk venture investments. The funds raised by issuing bonds represent the principal sum for the startup and the platform generates interest on this principal amount by indulging in margin funding activities, and either Defi Decentralized Finance or CeFi Centralized Finance. This interest is then used as the fund for the startups and the startup can then distribute tokens or equity to the venture bondholders with the maturity date. When the venture bond matures, the buyers received the principal sum along with that they already have the tokens or the equity.

Product number two, Strong Holder Offering; Strong Holder Offering by DAO Maker supports building a customized community as desired by the team, and in addition, it adds refunds as a clause in a Strong Holder Offering. This ensures only quality projects even bother applying as poor performance or uncommitted teams would end up giving a refund. 

Finally, we have the Dynamic Coin Offering; 100% of the circulating supply is backed by a notable portion of the funds raised during the sale. DAO Maker then escrows this fund through a trusted and insured custodian, allowing the platform users the opportunity to claim a refund within a specified period, this prevents rug poll activity. Social mining is also worth mentioning. This enables any project to create token-based incentives that encourage community members to offer value. So in other words, it helps energize a project's community to participate in its growth and its developments.

So far 18 projects have been launched, the total funds launched to date is about $38 million. The first token sale was Ecomi (OMI). Some very successful Launchpad projects, Orion Protocol, AnRKey X, SeaScape, Xend Finance, Yield Protocol, Dafi Protocol, etc.


They're a Swiss Army knife, if you will, in the cryptocurrency space, they represent a complete digital asset ecosystem driven by smart contracts and Launchpad is one product that allows new projects to raise funds. Simply by staking the native Swap tokens, the platform users get early access to the projects featured on his Launchpad, and the higher the staked amount, the greater the allocation. Currently, the Launchpad supports two user categories; you can stake 4000 Swap and get an assured Launchpad allocation, stake 7000 Swap, and get a double bonus on Launchpad allocations.

TrustSwap has facilitated accessible token launches, guaranteed allocation, no Gas wars, 12-hour participation windows, relatively low Gas fees, easy application processes and it doesn't force people to perform tasks on social media. In March, it announced Flash Launch which is identical to traditional Launchpad token offerings, but which will be used exclusively for raises of under $750,000. Each Flash Launch will have a set individual allocation of exactly $500 per person. there have been 12 projects launch to date, the total funds launched have been $12.5 million. The first token sale was Glitch, and they have some other very successful Launchpad projects including Chain Games, Mobie Pay, Aubit, and MobiFi.


A multi-chain DEX aggregator designed to meet all the future needs of Defi. Moreover, it's envisioned to be a fully equipped platform to solve the stumbling blocks of existing Decentralized Exchanges. ZeroSwap achieves this by enabling liquidity mining, DEX aggregation, and market-making suite in the Defi space.

The ZeroSwap ecosystem has now launched ZeeDo its DEX Offering Platform. To participate in the sale event users, need to stake some minimum amount of Zee tokens. This is going to give users a ticket for participation in the event in question. The platform will use ChainLink powered VRF randomizer to draw winning lottery tickets and this is because ZeeDo enables fair transparent and completely decentralized token sale mechanics. they've only launched one project until the date total funds achieved are still significant given it only represents one project $12.5 million. The first token sale was Oddz.


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