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Mixed-up Media

By boolean0 | the crow | 1 Jun 2021

I have received some inspiring comments from the Publish0x community, and I even have several followers now. This makes me feel very good. That has given me the confidence to carry on posting.

When I just don't know what I want to draw, I end up doodling until my hand tells me what to do. Sometimes my hand just draws my other hand ... and foot, like so.

My Left Hand ... and Foot

For some reason I am compelled to draw the ocean, and in particular, the life in the ocean. Somewhat ironic since I live so far from that great entity.

Diverman 1


Diverman 2

My favourite way to get around this world is to ride my bike. This is a drawing I made of my bike after an epic journey around New Zealand. My drawings of NZ will be posted on this blog ... eventually.

My NZ Bike

On the fringes of a grotesque metropolis, there are the 'bedroom communities' that supply human grist for the capitalist mill. This is my drawing of the only sensible method of commuting. The train.

Stouffville GO Stn

Someone with whom I share the same birthday. I painted this on top of another painting I had done ... but couldn't stand to see anymore. I made this look like a 'paint by numbers' by only using paint that I had on-hand. Marley was the man.



The Bob Marley painting was fun to do because my neighbour would watch me doing it (and give me the 'thumbs up') when she realized what I was painting. It was the first time I had an audience. To be honest, I cannot remember what painting I had covered up to do this one. Paint and canvas are too expensive, so I don't paint often. But I will post what I have done.

If anyone wants to use any of my work for their own purposes ... go right ahead. It's fine with me. It makes me happy to know that my work is appreciated. It's too bad I can only post pictures of my pictures.

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