Drawing Out Loud

Drawing Out Loud

By boolean0 | the crow | 29 May 2021

All the rain this spring (it snowed briefly this morning) has me doing a lot indoors — but I still have chores to do — about 60 hens, 2 goats, 2 dogs, a cat, and approximately 2 million honey bees to keep me busy. And that's just the animals. But the indoor stuff is gratifying too. Especially when I see that there are people who like to see my drawings. I have always drawn just for my own amusement — and with my failing vision I have a sense of (not urgency) but of appreciating the moment.

At this moment, I'd like to show you some of my latest animal-themed drawings. I love humans, but I seem to relate more to my furry, feathered, and feral fellow occupants of this good earth. And I can't forget my aquatic acquaintances either.

This first one is an ink drawing of the cat my Sister rescued from a golf course. This one has purred her way into my heart, so my heart bleeds ink for the little darling.

cat on a mat


This mixture of oil pastel, pencil crayon, and ink didn't turn out like I had in mind — I like how the background turned out rather than the actual subject matter (my German Shepherd). He's so pretty that I don't think I can do anything that beautiful. But I'll try.



I draw my hens all the time, but rarely save the results. These are two that will serve as the basis for paintings. I rarely paint because it's too expensive for good paint — and drawing doesn't cost me anything but time. I have lots of that.

Hen number 10

hen portrait


Left Whale? I started drawing with my left hand in order to use my right hand as a model. It stared looking pretty bad, so I changed what I was drawing mid-sketch. I have no idea what I was thinking.

left whale

Further to the fantasy theme. I drew this one as a birthday card for my nephew. He loves dragons.

snake for cole


Well, that's it for now. Time to fetch a few dozen eggs from the ladies in the hen house. Thank you for looking at some of my stuff. There's always more to come. A Fineliner, a pencil crayon, a pastel is really cheap entertainment. G'day.

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