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Uphold Has A New Web Wallet

By The Writer Guru | The Writer Guru | 16 Jul 2020

Introducing the new web wallet from Uphold. I'll be providing a preview and reporting any bugs that I may come across. 

27396242a7269088708aed826c2d986b694f229b145ed8e5b271fbbe652afd0f.png   Here's the new login./providing 2AF authentication. c82c41159268d3ac6bf0e3b7dd6b742f34fafc3205385e264b7bd76b67c960e9.png   fe6245458c7beff87220aff3e9eb720e2f71204462e059480b0748f3883e70b9.png  

The layout is really nice. I really appreciate that they provide notifications for your account right at the top in a convenient spot. Additionally, providing helpful links for the user if they have any questions or concerns.   4098566806e487ab10dd247e4fa543da41e4ab8cfe38a6c37accc8121d4b5aa7.png   56b263d965a0c8e7f4d7955c71cb61c3fb8564d6fbc826a478040215d3d8ebfc.png

All activity is able to be reviewed attached with a reserve chain transaction ID. Equities is also a bonus for those who like to invest. A major bonus that will be added in the future is integrations. I can't wait to see what that's going to look like. You may already be aware that the interface is quite similar to the mobile app. They give you the option to switch to classic view as well. Which I thought was nice touch. I didn't encounter any issues at this time, but if you encounter any or would like to make a comment or recommendation. Please, email [email protected]

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