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Is A Mining Simulator Game Like Rollercoin Sustainable In The Long Term?

What is Rollercoin?

A quick bit of info for people who are unaware of what Rollercoin is.

Rollercoin is a mining simulator game that pays in real cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many others. A player's main goal is to accumulate "power," either by playing games for free and getting temporary power, or by purchasing miners using Rollertokens, the in-game currency which can be mined using the aforementioned "power" or bought with real cryptocurrency.

When you collect enough power, you can pick whatever currency you want to mine and allocate power to it. Every ten minutes, a block reward will be distributed, and you will receive an amount in proportion to the power you have.

Right now, Rollercoin is very popular with thousands of active players, and they host events, offers, and even a season pass. Since I started working from home this month, I have a lot of free time on my hands and have decided to start playing Rollercoin and blog about my progress here on Publish0x. If you would like to read about the first month's progress soon, consider following me. Also, if you decide to check out Rollercoin, here is my referral link for a 1000 Satoshi bonus.

What is the catch?

Rollercoin makes a profit in two ways:

  • Non-intrusive ads that are displayed when playing games
  • In-game purchases by players who exchange cryptocurrency for Rollertokens to buy miners and acquire the season pass

The catch is that when a player invests in the game, it takes months to recoup what they invested and to finally turn a profit. This might scare off the less resilient players, but for those who are patient, it might seem worthwhile. Purchasing miners on offers helps, especially when the price to power ratio is good. That way, you can turn a profit faster.

The second catch is the block reward, which is the total amount distributed to all players. As the total network power of all players increases, the lower the reward will be, tempting players to buy more miners so as to not miss out on the higher rewards. However, Rollercoin has increased the block rewards a few times before and even has weekly bonuses for different coins that give out increased rewards for a week.

The Big Question: Will Rollercoin Survive For A Long Time?

We have talked about Rollercoin being a long-term investment, and for that to work, Rollercoin has to have a sustainable business model. What this means is that Rollercoin has to continue giving out rewards to players for a long time while also making a profit. This creates a problem because of what happens when the majority of players have recouped their investment and are in the profit-making phase.

Rollercoin has been here for three years and is still going strong.

Currently, Rollercoin relies on the following to keep players paying for Rollertokens:

  • Limited Miners: Many of the available miners in Rollercoin have flashy designs and animations that attract players to buy them . Some of the miners come with high power and bonuses that are efficient for mining. 
  • New players are always determined to earn, and to do that, they have to catch up to the higher-level players by purchasing helpful offers like miners and the season pass for bonus rewards. 
  • Block Rewards and Network Power: Rollercoin may not look like it, but it is a very competitive game with all the players attempting to get higher rewards, leading to a struggle to have the most power. This means players will always be on the lookout for powerful miners.

So, for long-term sustainability, Rollercoin will have to:

  • Fairly balance out miner power, network power and block reward to create an earning ecosystem that benefits both players and developers.
  • Attract new players which should not be a problem considering cryptocurrency as a whole attracts more and more people everyday interested in projects like Rollercoin. It is also a great way for beginners to learn about different coins and mining in general.

In conclusion, Rollercoin, which has been around for three years, is here to stay. At least for a long time. Even longer if the developers fairly balance out the block rewards, continue to improve the events, and give a better experience to players in the future.   











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