The "Scary" Start

It took me a while to convince myself to start my Publish0x journey. I've been a member of this platform for quite sometime but haven't really been active. After reading some of the posts here, I felt intimidated I couldn't at least come close to how good the writers are. What could I possibly write in this crypto dominated space when I have a very elementary knowledge about crypto? Would other members even look at what I will post and get something out of it? What are the odds my articles would even get noticed? These, and many other questions in mind were enough to sway me away from sticking my foot out and just write. 

For another, I am inarticulate in any subject and find it hard at times to express myself clearly. I don't have much confidence to take my own words out there, thinking no one would be interested enough to read them, let alone glance at them. But after spending hours in this platform during the past few days, I was able to gather enough of my scattered guts... and so last night, although scared (as scared as hell to touch this thorny flower on the attached photo because it will surely prick me, hurt my skin, make it bleed or even make me cry), I decided to get on with it anyway, released a few deep nervous breaths and had my fingers finally push that "Become an Author" button. 

And so here I am, ready to share my own story, one day at a time. And though there are some remnants of fear lurking somewhere inside of me, I am just happier than I've ever been, because now... today... I conquered at least one scary start.

Thank you Publish0x developers and the community as a whole for making this platform welcoming to aspiring writers just like me. 

Til then, ciao for now :)

Scary but beautiful anyway

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The world is big and beautiful and I wanna take a good look at it before it gets dark.

The World through the Eyes of a Farm Girl
The World through the Eyes of a Farm Girl

I view the world as beautiful as it could be, and this is where I'm sharing most of my personal random thoughts, photographs, short real stories and everything else that "eye" see to be beautiful.

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