Random Discoveries On a Random Rendezvous

Random Discoveries On a Random Rendezvous

Having been stuck at home for the past week, my husband and I decided to go for a short drive to unwind a bit. We have nowhere particular in mind, but we took the left turn towards the outskirts of town. After driving for over an hour, we pulled over the road side when we noticed a wide open space just behind the safety barriers. I was so excited as a little kid on a trip that with only my phone in hand, got off the car, jumped over the roadside barriers and went on to my little adventure. 

Here are some of our random exotic discoveries (at least to me) that we've our eyes feast on during such a random drive on a random place at such a random time.

          Unripe Wild Berries      4020f957b6db1ccc9c5034dc0c80ed00bbb262085f72af07aeed3d0201b5ef88.jpg

I don't really know the name, but I could say these are wild berries. Above photos showing the unripe fruits and below are the ripe ones.




The way I see it, I think these are exotic weeds.

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            bf382cf0d94757348f4484640d525e646c060fcd9a3f5f1517b13893ee3005d8.jpg      9892f268a543b5dc3d0da27d89e546111854348dfb2250f414cca1b65de0e89f.jpg




And for a brief moment there, I imagined myself climbing this seemingly creepy yet interesting tree. 



And look at those! Resembling the tentacles of a giant squid! (Okay, I think that's quite exaggerated)



And let me just end it with this and that little bee!


This little rendezvous has been refreshing so far and I think we'll be going for more random spins every now and then... 

Thank you for reading, til then, have a wonderful day!







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