Flowers are beautiful and so are we

After posting my first content here, I went out to the yard to find something interesting to write about next. I had nothing in particular, so I just walked in slow pace looking left and right then stopped when I was about 3 meters to the dog's pen because I noticed these tiny flowers settling so well along with the others. As I was taking photos, something caught my attention through the lens. The flowers are beautiful yes, that's a given... but so much more beyond that and this is what I'm gonna talk about in a little more detailed manner. 

So what really got me there? Well, these ones...


And let me tell you why... You see, while capturing these beautiful blooms, I came to realize some things. First, that flowers grow and bloom at their own pace. Notice that while others have already fully bloomed, some are still coming out of the buds, and some are just even forming. Similarly to us humans, we also take our own pace to grow. Some learn in so short period of time, others take a lot longer. But we all grow and develop anyway to what extent depends on how we utilize our own gifts. I just told myself to not ever think, even for a moment, that just because I am taking slow progress, doesn't mean I'm never going to make it.

Second, flowers look the same but have their own unique charm or beauty along side others of their kind. These flowers may look exactly the same at first glance, but when we examine them closely, we'll see that they really don't. Yes they all have the same shade of pink, white, purplish etc, but nope, each of them have their own unique attributes - different shape, size, pollen, number of petals etc. They just seem to be the alike, but they're beautiful in their own right!

Much like us human beings, we certainly have same body parts - eyes, nose, mouth, face, veins, body etc. But having those basic parts doesn't necessarily mean we are all the same. Even twins have pronounced physical differences from the other! We have been given our own precious gifts, unique from any other human being, only meant for us. Unfortunately, most of us choose to hide our own unique abilities, because somehow, we made ourselves believe that when we show these to others, we'll be branded as weird, freak, different and we'd feel we don't belong. Or we simply don't believe that we are one of a kind, so we just cover them up and let ourselves drown in the crowd. I'm never gonna let this happen to me, ever again!



Third, flowers are prone to get eaten by worms or insects, yet they still keep their beauty and stand tall amongst the others. They're not any less of a flower. They still are! And I feel somehow, their flaws made them even more uniquely beautiful.



And we can be just the same. We are almost always exposed one to many influences - criticisms, judgments, deceit, rudeness, weakness, sorrow and others unspeakable to the point where we feel like our life has no meaning at all. But once we rise above all these, we'll see and understand that life is actually filled with beauty and meaning despite all. And that's the time when we get to appreciate all those that we've been through, because one way or another, they've contributed to our growth. So I'm going to always remember, no matter how tough life seems to be, I will keep believing that within me is a great power that can catapult me somewhere, far beyond my wildest imagination! I'l just have to use it wisely!

Thank you and til then, may we all have a wonderful life!

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The world is big and beautiful and I wanna take a good look at it before it gets dark.

The World through the Eyes of a Farm Girl
The World through the Eyes of a Farm Girl

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