Back in the beginning (1)

Back in the beginning (1)

It was around 2014 or 2015, I was playing some Playstation games with a friend of mine. He was kind of a geek and much more into gaming, technology and sort of stuff than I was. We were playing, at that time, a new game called Rocket League. We were the new boys in the hood and we had amazing fun. It was new, undeveloped and cross-playing was already announced. But we couldn't imagine for real that all games were going to be cross-played, or at least some. But we were anxious for it, we fantasized the possibilities and the type of games we would love to cross-play against others consoles and which games we for sure didn't want to cross-play. Desktops and shooters always have an advantage, u know.

Suddenly somewhere during the matches my friend began to tell about something new. Something innovative, something odd but something that would bring new chances, new possibilities and much more. He told me he wanted to use his computer for it and he wanted to mine stuff. I asked him to clearify because I didn't understand. 
He told me there was a new form of money rising in the world and soon it'll change everything we do and make it digital.
I still did not understand what he was talking about. For sure, I was less technical then he was so he needed some extra ways of explanation.

I asked him; "What is it exactly and what is it called?" and he replied to me and said: "It is Bitcoin, haven't u heard of it? Bitcoin?" And he began explaining, "Bitcoin is a new form of money, it's mined by your computer and it's very easy. You just install this and that and do this and that."
For me it looked like he was speaking Chinese and tried to sell me something I did not need. He proceeded "It's a digital currency and it will replace the dollar and the Euro someday. It's not worth anything right now but you can mine it. You don't need a lot of computerpower but later on, you will need more." 
"What can you do with it?", I asked him. "Nothing for now. But 1 Bitcoin is made out of a million or so pieces, called a Satoshi." I looked at him funny and just thought to myself, "What the heck is he talking about?" I became sceptical and asked him how this could replace all of that we know. He couldn't give a good answer but he said he read about it and this will be the new it. 

At that time he couldn't convince me and later on he came back to the subject. Still I was sceptical and did believe him nor did I understand a word he said. I asked him if he already mined some and he said he had a little in his wallet. But he didn't show me and again, he didn't convince me. 

When the Pizza Day happened we talked about it again. He did not proceed mining. I did not do any research on it. We both knew there were some exchanges trading in cryptocurrency but I still did not understand a thing. We both did not have any bitcoin or other currency. We did nothing.

Years following
Then Bitcoin became headline news. People started to hear about it, think about and sometimes do something with it. There was this Dutch guy on television, I think in 2016, and he sold his house and all his belongings and bought Bitcoin only. At that time Bitcoin was 10.000 USD per BTC. Everyone declared him crazy. He moved with his family out of the Netherlands and had bought for around 200.000 Euro in Bitcoin. 
Still, I did not believe anything of this. I was nor bullish nor bearish; I was just ignorant.

My friend still didn't do anything with cryptocurrency, although he was the one telling me about it and did some research about it. Maybe we were too young or maybe we were just dumb.

Present time
Then in 2019 the whole world changed rapidly. There was this kind of virus terrorising the world, countries decided to go in a lockdown. There we sat, taking a look out of the window. That was the moment I started on stockmarkets and invested some of my money in some shares that I thought were going to make me richer. I did not do any research, I just put money somewhere and waited. And waited...and waited.

Stockmarkets are slow. You need to buy big. So in search of other possibilities I started in crypto in 2020. What a ride would this become. You'll find it in part 2 of my story!

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Love to see new projects take off and keep searching for them. Also I have some mainstream assets and invest in smaller cryptos.

The start of the journey
The start of the journey

Where and when did I start? What did I do correct and what did I do wrong? What cost me money and what brings me money? What did I discover?

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