My First Post, My Presentation

My First Post, My Presentation

By l0uis63 | The Post Box | 27 Apr 2020

Hello dear readers.

My First Post on publish0x to introduce myself.

Invisible Worker, I’m curious, and I spend a lot of time to read, jumping from topic to topic.

I’ve really been interested in "cryptosphere" for two years.I had already heard about Bitcoin in 2009 then in the years that followed but without taking the time to deal the subject.

Today I am convinced that the future of internet, but not only, will go through by "blockchain projects".

This is how I discovered Publish0x, as I read it.

Invisible Worker, I have very few ways to invest in the projects I believe in. 

It is the waterways that make the rivers. The rivers that feed the seas and oceans. And even I never reach the ocean, I continue to apply the method of water drops. So I am also a user of faucet or other in order to feed my pot which increases little by little. 

Lover of sports and sports betting enthusiast, I manage my bankroll with the same rigor as my budget. Also with covid19, no sports no bets.

Nature lover, I do not forget to enjoy its benefits.

Probably a lot more to say but I keep some for the future.

What is my goal with this blog? 

Feeding my pot is true, but honestly if I can get a few regular readers, I’d be happy already.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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