R-Planet NFT Staking----But With PIRATES!!

R-Planet NFT Staking----But With PIRATES!!

R-Planet allows you to stake NFTs and earn passive cryptocurrency income, but does it allow you sail the seven seas, battle pirates, and find buried treasures? Nope! The game that I just described is Coin Pirates. Coin Pirates is blockchain based game that will allow players to stake NFTs, earn crypto, and battle other pirates for treasure. Its in the VERY early stages of development, but it looks like a cool project, so lets check it out!

Before I start the article, I want to point out that Coin Pirates is in the VERY early stages of development so there could be significant changes as the project moves forward. That being said, I am excited for this game because it aims to combine NFT staking and crypto monetization with a gameplay experience that is actually fun. 

NFT Staking

R-Planet's huge success is a testament to the fact that many people in crypto love earning their passive income. There's nothing better than sitting back and watching your investments earn money while you eat, sleep, and go about your day. That being said, R-Planet is the only NFT staking system that I know of, and I think having more options is great. 


In addition to their own native NFTs, Coin Pirates will allow users to stake Kolobock and R-Planet NFTs and earn the in game CPR token. The CPR token can be used to purchase upgraded equipment for your ship, train the crew, and obviously traded on external exchanges. I like that it will be possible to directly use the CPR currency for purchasing in game items. Although I like R-Planet, I can't really buy anything with Aether before first converting to WAXP. I think being able to directly buy game items with the native currency will be a huge advancement in this respect. 


According to the team only "Pirate Themed" NFTs will be available for staking which means that Coin Pirates is taking a more narrow approach to staking than R-Planet. That being said, I hope Coin Pirates will expand their "Pirate Themed" staking ability to other series as well. Maybe I could stake my "Captains Ghost" Splinterlands card? 


Unfortunately, a lot of crypto monetized games focus on the "monetized" aspect and neglect the gaming aspect. In my opinion, crypto games need to be fun and appealing if they ever want to gain mass adoption. If I want to relax and play a game, I want it to be fun. I don't want to play a boring game just because I can earn a few fractions of a cent of crypto. The crypto earnings should be a bonus on top of an already fun game.


In order to play the game, players purchase NFT packs that contain ships, crew, and tools. The higher tiered packs come with better tools that give the players an in game boost as well as unlocking additional functionality. For example, the basic Soldier Pack only contains a shovel, boat, and paddle for exploring and digging for loot. By contrast, the Captain Pack includes a ship with cannons that can also engage in combat. 

At the time of writing, even a basic Soldier Pack is selling for around $85 USD on Atomic Hub, which can be cost prohibitive for a number of players. I'm really hoping that the team makes getting involved with the game much more accessible and offers some kind of entry option at a lower price point. 


As far as gameplay is concerned, I think Coin Pirates has a lot of potential. Pirates are always an incredibly popular theme, and the gameplay looks to be fun, cartoonish, and simple to grasp. The idea of battling other ships and finding treasure is exciting, and it looks like the game is designed to be fun and exciting while also being easy to learn. As we have seen with games like Angry Birds, a game doesn't have to be complex to be fun, and I think a game that focuses on providing short breaks of entertainment will generally have more wide appeal than games that take forever to learn and require people to set aside a large amount of time to play. 


As I said at the beginning of the article, Coin Pirates is VERY new, and most of this article is based of a few FAQs on the website as well as a few limited screenshots. It is quite possible that the roadmap could change significantly by the time the project is finally launched. Although I made a few R-Planet comparisons in this article, I do NOT think that Coin Pirates is an R-Planet competitor. It has a much more narrow niche focus. Rather than competing with R-Planet, I see it as borrowing some successful ideas and incorporating them into its own game. In my opinion, its a classic example of crypto projects mixing and matching, learning from each other and offering players a successively better experience. 

Overall, I am exited for this game and look forward to playing it. As always, thanks for reading, and nothing is financial advice. 






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The Part Time Economist

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The Part Time Economist
The Part Time Economist

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