Never Miss Another NFT Drop With This Awesome Resource!!

Never Miss Another NFT Drop With This Awesome Resource!!

NFT Horizon is designed to be a comprehensive resource to keep you up to date on all of the biggest NFT related news on the WAX blockchain. In addition to being a great source of information, the website has its own NFT collection that showcases some of the legendary characters from Greek mythology. In this post, I want to explain why I'm excited about NFT Horizon both from the standpoint of an NFT fan as well as from the point of a crypto blogger. 

NFT Horizon Benefits 

As someone who spends most of their time blogging and writing about crypto, I am always looking for tools that make it easier to find more relevant information about new topics to cover. Searching through crypto Twitter to find new leads can be time consuming, and I've found that it can take hours of sorting to find that one gem in the rough. Strictly from my own personal standpoint as an author, I'm excited to have a resource that can condense the most important information into a simple, easy to read infographic.


Just take a look at how crisp and clean this image is. Instead of sifting through countless posts on Twitter, I can skim through this graph in less than a minute, identify which projects sound interesting, and develop a game plan to do a write up.

In addition to the news and upcoming events section of the website, I like that NFT horizon also produces some educational articles that show how NFTs are being used in real life. We all read about how NFT's are "game changing, ground breaking, paradigm shifting technology", but what does that mean? How are NFTs being used outside the crypto universe. I found this great article on the NFT Horizon explaining how mainstream artists are using the power of NFTs to release songs. As NFTs become more popular,  wouldn't be surprised to see NFT Horizon someday running a story showing how a viral video, film, or even an entire game was being sold and marketed as an NFT. 


From the perspective of an NFT/Blockchain Gaming enthusiast, I'm excited as well. Having all of this information in one easy to use place means that I will be able to find out about great NFT projects before they launch instead of missing out on all the great drops and paying inflated prices on the secondary market. As we are all busy, having tools to make our research easier and save time is incredibly valuable.

NFT Horizon NFTs

As a website that is dedicated to NFTs and the WAX blockchain, it should come as no surprise that NFT Horizon has its own NFT series on the WAX blockchain. These NFTs are designed to showcase various figures from Greek Mythology, but instead of simply being a form of digital artwork, they also include a little back story about the character incorporated directly into the card. 


In addition to simply being collectibles, it appears that the NFTs serve a unique role as a form of "raffle ticket" in that holding NFTs can help you be eligible for additional drops. It's a unique system, and I like that NFT horizon is taking its own NFTs beyond the simple "digital art" concept and giving them an actual use value as a form of entry ticket to receiving further rewards. 



As someone who is incredibly busy, I find any tool that can reduce my workload while also providing good information is incredibly welcome. As such, I'm excited that I found NFT Horizon while browsing through the crypto booths at DYGYCON. I think that this website will be a great resource as NFTs increase in popularity, and I wish the team luck in their project. As always, thanks for reading and nothing is financial advice.  




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The Part Time Economist

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The Part Time Economist
The Part Time Economist

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