HUGE NFT Gaming News -Alien Worlds, Colonize Mars, Splinterlands, R-Planet

HUGE NFT Gaming News -Alien Worlds, Colonize Mars, Splinterlands, R-Planet

Wow! What an amazing few days it has been for NFT games. In today's post, we have several major announcements from some of the most popular NFT games. In this post, I'll share a quick overview of some of the most important R-Planet, Colonize Mars, Alien Worlds, and Splinterlands updates.

R-Planet (New Elements / New Cards For Staking)

Earlier this week, R-Planet announced that that new materials are available for discovery. This boosts the use case for the native Aether cryptocurrency as Aether is needed in order to use the materials generator and have a chance at unlocking and discovering new elements. 


Additionally, R-Planet  announced that two new NFT series (Street Fighter and Crypto Moongirls) would be eligible for staking to receive Aether rewards. Not surprisingly, the price of many Street Fighter NFTs rose considerably on Atomic Hub following the announcement. After watching the huge price action of Street Fighter NFTs, I am firmly convinced that achieving an R-Planet listing is the "Coinbase Pump" equivalent for NFT projects and that R-Planet will have a lot of projects seeking them out with the hopes of being listed on the platform. 


Colonize Mars (Mission Two Crate Sale / Commemorative Patch)

After the overwhelming success of its Mission One NFT supply crate sale, Colonize Mars has announced its long awaited Mission Two crate sale that is scheduled to take place on 7th of July 4 PM UTC.  On top of that, the team is giving away commemorative "Mission Two patch NFTs for anyone that follows, RTs, and joins their Telegram and Discord groups. 


Colonize Mars is a blockchain based game that is designed to be fun while also modeling and simulating the colonization of Mars in a relatively realistic way. The game has generated quite a bit of buzz as it is intended to have SIGNIFICANTLY more features than the already popular Alien Worlds game. 

Alien Worlds Council

Speaking of space exploration games, Alien Worlds will soon be having its first ever Planetary Council elections in which explorers who have registered as candidates will be able to compete for leadership positions in their respective planets. Whether you want to vote for your leader or compete for a leadership position yourself, this latest announcement shows that Alien Worlds is continuing to evolve and add new features to the game. 



What a big week it has been for the Splinterlands blockchain based card game. Not only did Splinterlands sell all of its plots for the land sale, it also sold its last Untamed Edition booster pack, which means that the ONLY way to get Untamed edition packs is now through the secondary market. Although players can look forward to the Chaos Legion packs being released this year, that is a long time to wait, and I wouldn't be surprised if the price of Untamed packs continues to creep higher as players try to continue leveling up their card collections or simply want the excitement of opening mystery packs and seeing what they get. 


While selling 1.5 Million booster packs is quite an accomplishment in itself, the land sale is equally important as it means that we are quickly nearing the next phase of the Splinterlands game in which land owners will be able to mint spells and items that can be used in the battles. Although we don't know for sure exactly how the spells and items will work, it promises to add another fun, exciting dimension to the gameplay while also ensuring that owning land has a tangible use case. 


With all the major cryptocurrency gaming announcements this week, it has been hard to stay on top of everything, and I'm sure there are some huge projects and announcements that I missed. If there is a project that you follow that recently made an announcement, feel free to drop it in the comments so that we can all stay up to date. 

As always, thanks for reading and nothing is financial advice. 





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