How To Get Kicked Off YouTube - The Right Way

How To Get Kicked Off YouTube - The Right Way

It seems that there has just been another free speech crackdown on legacy social media platforms. Today, Reddit purged over 2,000 communities and YouTube kicked Stefan Molyneux off of its platform. It appears that legacy social media platforms are censoring more and more content and cracking down on creators on both the left and the right of the political spectrum. This article isn't a defense or attack of YouTube/Reddit or a defense or attack of the creators that got banned. Rather, I want to use this recent wave of bans as a case study to best prepare yourself to be kicked off of traditional social media platforms and ensure you are set up for success on crypto-monetized and blockchain platforms. 


Prepare For The Worst

Ideally, we wouldn't have to worry about getting kicked off of any social media platforms in the first place, but the most recent wave of censorship reminds us that content that is perfectly fine and acceptable one day can be verboten and grounds for a ban the very next day. Of course, I encourage everyone to comply with and abide by the terms of service for whatever sites they operate on, but we have to be aware that the constantly evolving terms of service means that even well-intentioned content creators run the possibility of stepping afoul of these arbitrary guidelines and changing policies. Especially for those of us who publish content on politics, religion, cryptocurrency, or current issues, we have to accept the fact that there's the possibility that we could instantly be removed from any traditional social media platform without warning. It's best to work from the assumption that we will eventually be kicked off of legacy social media at some point. Instead of wondering whether or not we will be de-platformed, it's better to take this as a given and work towards ensuring a smooth transition to blockchain based social media platforms.

Comparing Content Creators

In my opinion, philosopher Stefan Molyneux who was just kicked off YouTube today, did a far better job of preparing than Alex Jones, who has kicked off almost two years ago. I don't make this claim to support or oppose either content creator. Rather, I want to show you the different strategies that were employed by both of these content creators and how you can use the strategies to protect yourself.

When Alex Jones got kicked off of social media in 2018, it came as a surprise to most people. Alt-tech was still seen as somewhat of a fringe movement, and most people assumed that the big social media sites would continue to support a diverse set of ideologies and encourage public debate. Therefore, Alex didn't really build up an alternative social media presence prior to getting banned, and he pretty much had to start from the ground up rebuilding his presence on alternative social media platforms. What made it worse is the fact that almost all of the legacy social media platforms kicked him off within a few days of each other. So, not only did he have to build up his presence on alternative platforms, he couldn't simply tell his existing audience to go follow him on those other platforms. Even to this day, Alex has struggled to re-build his audience and has about 2,950 followers on LBRY. 


The first social media purge in 2018 convinced many wise content creators of the necessity of branching out into more censorship resistant platforms. Many creators began creating and posting content on blockchain based social media platforms following the 2018 purge in order to begin establishing a presence. They also began encouraging their followers on legacy platforms to also follow them on the crypto platforms. One such creator that employed this strategy was philosopher Stefan Molyneux. Stefan was kicked off of YouTube today, but he already has over 5,800 followers on the video sharing platform LBRY which is almost double Alex's 2,950 followers. Keep in mind that Alex was kicked off legacy social media in 2018, and Stefan was only kicked off today, but Stefan is still in a much better predicament due to his preparation. The point here isn't to say whether Alex or Stephan is a better content creator or fault Alex for not preparing as well as Stefan. Rather, I'm pointing out the huge advantage that Stefan will have in rebuilding his audience.


Alex was caught completely unprepared, and was swiftly kicked off all his legacy accounts. Fortunately for him, he had a lot of followers that were able to use their own legacy social media accounts and direct their followers to Alex's new social media accounts, but that is a luxury that many smaller content creators, such as myself, simply won't have. If you or I were to get locked out of our existing social media accounts. We'd have to start over with no audience and no way to tell our old audience to follow us on new platforms. 

Just to drive the point home further, I'd like to share one more example of how the early adoption of crypto social media platforms is the best strategy. Styxhexenhammer666 has been producing content on alt-tech platforms for several years. He was active on alt-tech platforms even before the 2018 purge, and being an early adopter of crypto social media has given him a huge jumpstart in the event that he ever is kicked off legacy social media. Just as Stefan is in a better spot than Alex was, Styx is in an even better spot than either of them. Styx routinely produces LBRY exclusive videos and constantly urges his fans on legacy social media to follow him on alt-tech as well. This has earned him well over 11,000 followers on LBRY, which is more than Alex and Stefan combined. 

Take Away

As content creators, we have to employ a little bit of defensive strategy to safeguard our income sources and make sure our voice remains heard. That's why it's important that all of us follow Stefan's example and build a presence on blockchain/crypto social media now. By starting now, we can direct our existing audience to follow us on crypto/blockchain social media, and we can even begin growing an organic audience on new tech platforms. Those of us who talk about crypto and politics are likely to get kicked off YouTube at some point anyway. Let's at least get kicked off the right way and ensure that we have migrated our audience to crypto social media while we still can. 

Some of the crypto-social media platforms that I use and recommend are Publish0x and Uptrennd for blogging and LBRY for hosting videos. There are quite a few more out there, but these would be my top 3 for beginners as they offer the best balance of fair rewards, ease of use, and supportive communities. 

Note: This analysis is not intended to support or oppose the views of any of the listed creators. It is merely a case study showing how early adoption of crypto social media seems to yield better results for creators who get kicked off of legacy platforms. 


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The Part Time Economist

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The Part Time Economist
The Part Time Economist

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