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The cryptocurrency community is a very supportive group of individuals. We like encouraging each other and supporting each other, and one of the easiest ways to do this is through donating cryptocurrency to articles or projects that we support. Unfortunately, because there are such a large variety of cryptocurrencies,  accepting donations from fans to prove difficult. is a cryptocurrency website that  simplifies the process of donating cryptocurrencies to your favorite authors (or receiving if you are an author).

Problems With Crypto Donations

If you have spent any length of time in the cryptocurrency world, I'm sure you've seen articles that are littered with multiple cryptocurrency addresses at the end of the article asking for donations and support. Although I think hard work deserves to be rewarded and there's nothing wrong with asking for donations, requesting cryptocurrency donations has several drawbacks.

First off, because there are so many different cryptocurrencies, you never know what cryptocurrency your fans are going to want to donate. Because of that, there's a temptation to list every single possible cryptocurrency address on your articles. The problem with this is that it  quickly becomes overwhelming. Further, the sheer number of cryptocurrency addresses can appear somewhat spammy, even if its not. 

Likewise, cryptocurrency addresses sometimes change. We might decide to start accepting a new crypto-currency, or we might lose the keys to our old wallet and need to change the address. Anytime a cryptocurrency address changes, we would need to go back to every single past article we had written and update the addresses so that we could continue receiving donations from those articles.

aa2934fb1abf4962664a2bc2ca8218e22a3aa90960c4bf892dcc02ae76feecca.png's Solution

Clearly, this isn't an ideal situation and offers an interesting solution. is a website  that allows you to create a profile of all your cryptocurrency addresses, as well as social media accounts, and give your readers access by simply sharing one link. There really isn't a lot to say about the process other than the fact that it is quite simple and easy to get set up and started. If you start accepting a new crypto, or an address changes, you only have to update the one listing on 

One thing that I do want to point out is that  doesn't act as a financial intermediary. In other words, when you donate to your favorite author through,  doesn't actually take possession of the funds. Rather  simply displays the public key for your cryptocurrency address and allows the user to send funds directly to them. I think the best way of saying it is that is simply a hosting spot for all of your public keys. 



In closing, helps fix the problem of accepting cryptocurrency donations by allowing creators to share one, simple, clean link that will allow their fans to donate the crypto-currency of their choice without having to clutter up articles with multiple addresses.  As far as I can tell, there is no charge to the service, and they don't actually take possession of your funds which makes using a no brainer IMO.  of course, it's always important to do your own research and make your own decisions. 


Thanks for reading!

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The Part Time Economist
The Part Time Economist

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The Part Time Economist
The Part Time Economist

Hi everyone. This is just a place for me to post some of my thoughts and analysis. I hope that someone finds them useful.

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