Alien Worlds Launching On Binance + New Planet Discovered

Alien Worlds Launching On Binance + New Planet Discovered

I like to think I am somewhat good at making predictions, but the success of Alien Worlds has completely blown me away. Since my last article, Alien Worlds has achieved unprecedented growth and risen to become the #1 WAX Dapp, #1 Blockchain Game, and #3 Dapp overall. In this post I'll share several major Alien Worlds updates including the TLM listing on Binance, the discovery of a seventh planet in the Alien Worlds, and the 35X increase in the price of some Alien Worlds mining tools. 

One of the main reasons that people play blockchain games is because they offer the possibility of monetizing your in game experience, so I want to start by talking about the HUGE price increases in TLM as well as where you can trade your Trilium. 

Huge TLM Price Increases

When I first started playing Alien Worlds, TLM wasn't even listed on any major exchanges, and it was only possible to estimate the price by converting from TLM to WAX and then figuring the appropriate WAX price in USD. Even just a few weeks ago when I made my mining update video, the price of TLM was less than a fraction of a cent, so for the price to be upwards of $5 USD is phenomenal. 


Not only has the price of Trilium increased, but the price of mining tools has skyrocketed as well. A few weeks ago, I bought a few standard drills for a giveaway that were priced at .13 USD each. As I write this article, they are priced at around $4.65 which is an increase of over 35 times. *The giveaway doesn't end till the 13th of April, so you've still got time to re-tweet this tweet in order to be entered. *

Where to Sell TLM

As the price of TLM skyrockets, one of the most common questions I get is "Where can I sell TLM?" It's a great question, and I think that it's always a good idea (not advice) to take profit from time to time. ALCOR DEX is a great place to trade TLM for WAX, however, it is supposed to be down for a few days as the "Teleport" functionality is introduced. It should be up and running by the 13th of April.


If you want to trade before then, it is also possible to trade Trilium for USDT on the MXC exchange with this trading pair. The current price on MXC is about $6 USD per Trilium, which means that even trading a few TLM could yield quite a nice profit, however, I have to make a few disclaimers. First off, MXC isn't available for US customers, or at least it isn't for me. I used to be able to trade there but recently had to remove my funds. Second, it is a centralized exchange, so you will have to complete KYC.


As of April 13th, users will also have the ability to trade Trilium for USDT, BTC, and BUSD on Binance. That's right, TLM will be coming to one of the world's largest crypto exchanges. Not only will it be possible to trade Trilium on Binance, users will also have the ability to earn TLM through Binance's staking pools.

Earning Even More TLM

Up to this point, earning Trilium was a simple, yet time consuming process. Depending on your mining setup, you would have to log in every few minutes or hours and simply click "Mine" then "Claim". However, all this is about to change with the announcement that a seventh planet has now been discovered in Alien Worlds. This planet, named Planet Binance is a gas planet which means that it isn't possible to own land and mine like the other planets. Rather, explorers on this planet will be able to send spacecraft on missions of a specified duration to earn TLM and NFT rewards. 

All the details haven't been released, and the feature isn't live, but this seems a lot like staking to me. From the way it looks, players will essentially be locking their TLM into a contract for a period to receive those rewards. Obviously, we won't know the full details until the feature is released, but I like how this gives an alternative method of earning TLM. 

Speaking of staking, it will also be possible to earn passive TLM by staking into Binance pools. Binance has announced that  users can farm TLM by deposit BNB or BUSD into staking pools. At the time of writing, there are over 12.5 Million TLM per day being farmed, but this rate will decrease soon. This is a limited time offer, so I'd suggest checking the Binance page ASAP if you're interested. Unfortunately, as a US resident, I don't think I will be eligible for this, but it sounds like a great opportunity if you are eligible. 



As I discuss in the video, its always hard to know how big a crypto project will become or how far it will go, but one key to success is always getting in early. I have been playing Alien Worlds for a few months now, and I'm glad that I got started in the game. It is awesome to follow a game "from the ground up" not just a a player and a fan, but also for the monetization potential as well. With the recent announcements, it is clear that Alien Worlds keeps growing and offering new features and partnerships, and I can't wait to see how the game continues to grow and develop.

As always, thanks for reading, not financial advice







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