6 HOT ICOs - And How I Found Them

6 HOT ICOs - And How I Found Them

Have you ever felt like you are always late to the cryptocurrency party? Maybe you hear about a great crypto that you think has a lot of potential and decide to invest only to find out that the ICO has already passed and that most of the profit has already been made. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find out about upcoming ICOs until after they have already passed. In this post, I'll show you how CoinMarketCap's Upcoming ICO List can help you stay informed about all the upcoming ICOs . I will also share a brief introduction for all the upcoming ICOs for this week.

How To Find ICOs

Although I work in crypto seven days a week, I am always surprised when I hear that a new coin is launching. It seems like there are so many projects to keep track of that even if you stayed on Crypto Twitter for several hours a day, it would be hard to follow all the new projects. What I like about CoinMarketCap's tool is that it gives you an easy to use, all in one place for tracking upcoming ICOs. 498663c8cf2048af6b92d9c3c038fe67f2c6adc528f4d9c4471eee475c6ce32e.png

Not  only does this website provide an easy to use interface that shows all of the upcoming ICOs, it also provides a quick snapshot of what times the ICO will start, what stage the ICO is in, and the funding amount that the project is seeking. If you click on a specific coin, the website will also provide a brief summary of what the project's goals are. While it is always important to DYOR by checking whitepapers, viewing other sources, etc, this brief description is a great way of getting a general feel for the project and deciding whether you want to spend more time learning about it or move on to the next coin. In my opinion, its a great screening tool that will save a lot of time. 


If you do decide to conduct your own research, CoinMarketCap makes this easy by placing direct links to the project's website as well as whitepaper.

This Week's Coins (UnoRe)

While we are on the subject of ICOs, I thought it would be a great time to take a look at this week's upcoming ICOs. I don't want to get too in depth with each ICO as this would make the article way too long (even by my standards), but I will try to provide a general overview. 


First on the list, we have UnoRe. This project is designed to be a blockchain based reinsurance platform. Reinsurance can best be thought of as insurance for insurance companies. Think about car insurance. You buy car insurance so that the insurance company will reimburse you if you get in a wreck. But lets suppose that there is something so risky that it can't be insured by a single insurance provider. In that case, reinsurance allows different companies to spread the risk and provide diversified coverage. UnoRe is designed to provide all of these traditional benefits while also operating on the Polkadot chain which provides interoperability, low fees, and high TPS.


BenQi is a algorithmic liquidity protocol that is based on Avalanche. The protocol is designed to provide all of the traditional benefits of DeFi such as earning interest, borrowing liquidity, and participating in on chain governance. However, it is build on the Avalanche protocol which is designed to have much lower transaction fees than ETH, high confirmation speed, and extremely high TPS. 



In third spot, we've got Maple which is a protocol which hopes to smoot out some of the volatility of DeFi by allowing liquidity providers to earn yield from pools that are managed by competent "Pool Delegates." I find it interesting that Maple will offer fixed income yield opportunities. Although some people will prefer the possibility of earning higher returns at the expense of more risk, I think that the possibility of earning a fixed income yield will be quite attractive to many investors. 



XFai is a cryptocurrency that is designed to bring the benfits of DeFi to small cap altcoins. DeFi is a great way that many people use to increase their crypto earnings and earn APY. Unfortunately, many DeFi protocols only have support for the top coins such as BTC, ETH, Dai, BAT, etc. XFai is a protcol that hopes to bring DeFi support to lower cap coins and allow users to earn a return on their small cap coins instead of simply leaving them sitting on centralized exchanges.



The Force.Trade

The Force.Trade offers users a DeFi and NFT data aggregator to simplify their investing process. At this point, we have seen numerous DeFi aggregators and "all in one DeFi Dashboards", but TheForce.Trade hopes to set itself apart by offering a number of unique features. First, NFTs will be incorporated into the same dashboard as DeFi. Further, the protocol will allow users to operate on a variety of different networks with BSC, HECO, and ETH being listed for now.

In a space that is already crowded with DeFi aggregators, I think the integration of NFTs as well as multi chain support could prove to be a key differentiator, and TheForce.Trade also includes a rating system for different DeFi pools which may give some investors more confidence to invest. 



Last on the list, we have APIS. According to the website, APIS aims to provide an intuitive interface to all developers with dApp launch needs. In addition, APIS is designed to provide a Masternode reward system which rewards users with crypto. APIS is designed to manage interactions between various chains including BSC, Solana, ETH (1.0 and 2.0), Filecoin, and other chains should they be deemed worthy of integration with the ecosystem. 



Overall, I think CoinMarketCap's ICO list is a great tool for anyone involved in crypto. For bloggers and content creators like me, it gives us an easy way to find new topics. We can see what projects are up and coming and use that as a source of content ideas. On the other hand, it gives investors an easy way to sort through lots of crypto projects BEFORE they launch so that they can do their research and "get in early" if they choose to do so.

This article is not intended to endorse or support any of the projects listed. Rather it is simply highlighting several projects that are launching so that you can learn about them and make your own decisions. As always, thanks for reading and nothing is financial advice. 














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The Part Time Economist
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