What's Blooming Now

By Farfalle | The Noodle | 1 Apr 2021

It's proper spring here and I'm practicing using manual lenses again. Here's what's blooming right now on my walks to work. Feel free to use these for anything. I release them to the public domain.

Tulips - An Easter staple in time for Easter.


Magnolia - Wonderful to see. Glad I don't have to clean up after it.


Siberian Squill - small and unassuming, but a nice find amongst the daphs.

Siberian Squill

Hellebore and a dark flower variety - Poisonous, but hardy with nice foliage. It can bloom through the snow adding some charm to the desolate winter.



Daffodils - An easy spring bloom. A little too common around here.


Mystery Tree. It's gorgeous, but I don't know what it is! @Florus suggested a Magnolia stellata and I'm inclined to agree.

Mystery Tree

Cherry Blossom - The trees are popping! Even at the trunk.

Cherry Blossom

Thanks for checking out the blooms. Remember to get some nature time, it's essential! Even if you're an astronaut on the ISS.

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