What turns you on ?

As a 30 year old guy what turns me on instantly is a girl's voice. A soothing voice just tickles my brain and turns me on in a second. Most girls I look at aren't the attractive ones but the ones with a good smooth and sweet voice. It makes my head want to turn rapidly and see who that girl with that voice is. The curiosity to find who she is , is just crazy. It is just my kind of taste I guess.

When I'm close with a girl I love it when she plays with me, with my hands, with my face. I don't want her to feel shy about me. Most girls I've dated are too conservative. They hesitate to make a move. So girls please try a move on us guys and see if it works, we love it.

When we have sex I love a girl who moans and lets me know that she likes what I'm doing to her at that moment. It like a mutual exchange of sexual favors. I'm stimulating your body and you stimulate my mind with your awesome sensual voice.

A girl's smile is also what turns me on quickly. There is something so seductive about a girl's smile especially when its soft and natural. The eyes speak volumes about you when you smile.

When it comes to body types, a curvy women turns me on more than a slim woman would. I believe woman with curves are the ones who I would enjoy having in bed with me.

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I love writing erotic stories that I have either experienced in reality or my imagination, Feel free to enjoy my stories

The night I slept with Renuka
The night I slept with Renuka

Renuka was a hot young lady. Everyday I saw her walk past my little shop while I worked inside. I think she was working in an IT company. Guys like me can only dream of talking to her. She was around 24-26. Young, petite, fair skinned and boy did she have a great package. Full round breasts that seemed to want to peak out of her t-shirt. I just loved her from first sight. Her smile just as awesome. Positive everyday. I was running a medical shop she never seemed to bump into me.

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