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What build do girls prefer their men to be? We asked girls on Omegle just that !

As you know Omegle is a pretty popular website to talk to some girls without leaving the comfort of your bedroom.


Here are our 5 answers from what the girls responded to this exact question.

(Name changed for privacy)


Joseline (California, USA)

"Well for me strangely I prefer a medium build guy with a bit of belly fat to be honest. Strictly fit guys are a turn off for me cause I kind of tend to think that those kind of guys wouldn't really enjoy a big nice meal with me when we go out. I want my guy to enjoy what I eat and what I feed him (laughs). I hate men who are picky about what they eat."


Sara (some city, Mexico)

We couldn't quite understand Sara well cause she spoke broken English but here is what she had to say.

"I love men who are tall, it doesn't really matter the built. I think I might also date a guy who is just taller than me. He doesn't have to be like 6 feet and all. I think whenever we see celebrities we see a girl and a taller guy. This might be why we go for a tall guy concept."


Riya (Texas, USA)

Riya was an American Indian student who shared her view on the subject.

"Umm it really depends I guess. I have dated both short and tall men. I find short men attractive in their attitude. They are more funny and less egoistic. I've always fancied tall guys but in general I've found them to be boring, very serious and very self conscious. It's a turn off sometimes."


Neith (some city, Egypt)

A really adorable cute girl from Egypt who had lovely big eyes.

Neith says "Well here in Egypt girls don't really care that much about a guy's built. As long as he takes care of his health and maintains cleanliness I will be ok to date him. " We found her answer adorable too.


Alina (Victoria, Australia)

"For me since I hit the gym I know a lot of guys who are well built. But who am I prepared to date? The guy with the big biceps ? Hell No. I want my guy to have great legs. The thighs and calves. I would take that any day. I want my guy who can get those really bigger than normal legs so that I can grab on to them " (giggles).

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The night I slept with Renuka

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