Flight sex

They tried sex on their flight

A sunny afternoon, little did people who were going to board an Airline expect that they would see a couple engaging in sex right there in front of them in the economy class.

The couple , both Russians who were around 40 and 42 had just met at a bar prior to their flight. Both had a lot of drinks.

Once the flight took off, the couple initially starting off with smooching and massaging each other, while that was bordering on the edge. The couple apparently got so steamy that the man opened up his zippers and let his cock out for the women to enjoy. The women grabbed hold of his cock and stroked him while also kissing him at the same time.

The passenger in front started filming the couple while the air hostess came screaming and shouting at them after another passenger informed them of what was going on. Even after the flight attendant confronted them the couple seemed to be unfazed and continued doing their pleasurable entry into the mile high club.

The air hostess asks the man to calm down and settle down. The heavily tattooed man who was highly intoxicated starts verbally abusing the flight staff.

"Get your penis in your pants right now" No this is not a dominating porn scene, it was the actual dialogue of what the flight attendant shouted at the man when he refused to keep himself decent.

"And you lady get your hands off his penis right now !" shouted the flight attendant again.

They later frightened the couple that their video footage was captured and will be released to the cops after which the seemed to calm down.

The video seems to have gone viral all other the internet.

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The night I slept with Renuka
The night I slept with Renuka

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