Strange sex laws

The strangest sex laws from around the world

Sex is enjoyed by everyone but we humans tend to keep it under curtains to prevent the innocent from harm. We do it by enforcing sex laws. But here are some of the most weird and strange sex laws that are in place worldwide that go over and beyond what is necessary.

  • What is the punishment for a man if he betrays his wife? He can be killed by his wife. Yes this strange law is enforced in Hong Kong . The law states that a woman may legally kill her cheating husband but only using her hands (bare).


  • In the Middle East, Bahrain, a Doctor is allowed to treat a female patient's genitals , however he may only view it from a reflection of a mirror.


  • In Bolivia, a man can be jailed if he has sex with someone else's mother and daughter at the same time.


  • Lights off gentlemen, In Hungary having sex with the lights on is punishable by law. What a turn off !


  • In the state of Alabama in the US, sex toys of all kinds are illegal and can land you in trouble. Better go to the next nearby state if you want to enjoy your toys I guess.


  • In Wisconsin, USA a man can be considered a rapist if he has sex with someone who is not his wife.


  • Stay away from the windows in Singapore if you happen to be nude cause that is against the law, yes standing somewhere near a window that is exposed to public view can legally land you in trouble if you are naked in your house or hotel.


  • In Peru it is illegal to use spices when you cook, it was believed by the government to have raised too much sexuality in people.

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The night I slept with Renuka
The night I slept with Renuka

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