Public Sex

Public Sex , How strange can it get ?

Sure some of us have done it while in our car but it's funny how bold couples can be when they wish to fulfill their fantasies in really crowded places. Here I share you two stories that went horribly wrong.


Sex at the Parking lot

A couple had sex at a parking lot after too much booze. They committed the act right at middle of day hence they were easily spotted by pedestrians.

They later said "Hey she felt horny , I had needs, we had a bit of alcohol so we thought everything would be fine".

Onlookers were shocked. "It was nasty bad" said one observer.

As usual the act was video taped by people around. Passersby took photos as they passed the couple. The guy passed out before the police arrived and medical emergency team had to be called.

The couple was arrested but the woman was released out of jail after a day but she could soon be called back in due to other charges police said.


Sex at the Mall

Wales, A couple had oral sex as onlookers watched in shock.

A couple who also had brought the kids along when they went to the mall had sex on a couch that was placed right next to the elevators. The kids ran off to play and that is when the couple started making out.

The man sat on the couch and had his pants down while the woman was busy giving him a sensual blowjob. Later the woman makes the man lift back his pants and uses a jacket to cover up the act while they continued doing it.

"Her head was covering his cock luckily and her head was rocking up and down" an onlooker said.

After he came, the woman was seen spitting into a tissue and throwing it behind a pot.

The couple was fined USD 360.

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I love writing erotic stories that I have either experienced in reality or my imagination, Feel free to enjoy my stories

The night I slept with Renuka
The night I slept with Renuka

Renuka was a hot young lady. Everyday I saw her walk past my little shop while I worked inside. I think she was working in an IT company. Guys like me can only dream of talking to her. She was around 24-26. Young, petite, fair skinned and boy did she have a great package. Full round breasts that seemed to want to peak out of her t-shirt. I just loved her from first sight. Her smile just as awesome. Positive everyday. I was running a medical shop she never seemed to bump into me.

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